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	The WOODWEB Update - #085
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In this issue:

=> WOODWEB Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Market Your Company on the Web
(WOODWEB's Media Kit lays out the details)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current Forum discussions)

=> Get Good Quotes from Wood and Lumber Suppliers
(Information is the Key to Success)

=> Woodworkers Directory
(Become eligible to receive FREE Request-For-Quotes)


=> WOODWEB Knowledge Base Highlights

This one has been waiting in the wings for some time.
Q&As from our Forums that concerned wood species were
stockpiled here. Over a dozen species are covered, with
information about wood uses and properties. We'll be
adding to it as more come in:

If you'd benefit from a little inspiration, take a few
minutes to read the 'Blind woodworker's story' that has
just been archived. From an early education to ownership
of a 13-man shop to the fine cabinetry he creates today,
this man details his sightless journey through the
profession many of us know so well.

Vacuum kilns a dry subject? Not in certain circles. Find
out *how* they work and *how well* they work, based on
the opinions of those that specialize in this area, and
those that are skeptical of the process.

Building a bandmill from the ground up may sound like a
daunting task, but it's been done before and it'll
doubtless be done again. Read about some first-hand

Our new Add Your Comment feature at the Knowledge Base
has already proven popular. Additions to our archived
articles and forum threads are steadily rolling in. Don't
miss out - after reading any article, click on the 'add a
comment' link to submit your thoughts on the subject.


=> Market Your Company on the Web

Have you ever wondered how to market your company using
the web? At WOODWEB's Media Kit, you will find a wealth
of information; everything from testimonials written by
successful on-line marketers to suggestions for improving
your company's exposure to the largest wood industry
audience in existence. If you supply a wood industry
product, you owe it to yourself to take a look:


=> Hot Threads

This employee fears broaching a touchy subject with the
boss, but is equally bothered by the thought of standing
by while production time is wasted. How can he come up
with the numbers to prove that a change in shop setup
could increase profit? Participants at the Business Forum
are on it - join in at:

How to cut crown flat? Folks at the Cabinet and Millwork
Installation Forum are offering techniques, tools and

No spraying setup is complete without the right drying
rack. Want to hear what others recommend? Then head on
over to the Finishing Forum:

The backyard inventors are at it again in the Sawing and
Drying Forum, this time building bandmill blade
sharpeners. Check it out:

Here's another excellent discussion centering on band
sawmills. Head designs - specifically cantilever versus
four post - sparked this discussion, and it's taken off
from there...


=> Getting Good Quotes from Wood and Lumber Suppliers

Wood and lumber products can be difficult to specify. But
with the right information, suppliers can quote fair and
accurate prices. Here are some tips:

- *Moisture Content* kiln-dried, air-dried, or green lumber?
- *Species* Be specific. For example, 'hard white maple',
not just 'maple'.
- *Machining* Rough or S4S (Surfaced 4 Sides)?
- *Quantity* Specify board feet, linear feet or square feet.
- *Grade* If you are not familiar with the grade, include a
description (clear no knots, sound knots ok, knotty
‘rustic’) and your intended use.
- *Dimensions* Thickness (finished or rough) x widths x
lengths. Include minimums and maximums when appropriate.

If you'd like to submit a Request For Quote (RFQ), or
would like more information on the RFQ process:


=> Woodworkers Directory

Are you one of the nearly 1700 professionals listed at the
Woodworkers Directory? If not, what are you waiting for?
The directory allows you to create a FREE web page for
your cabinet shop, architectural millwork firm, wood
finishing, boatbuilding or wood products manufacturing
company, and makes you eligible to receive FREE

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