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	The WOODWEB Update - #089
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In this issue:

=> New Knowledge Base Index
(More ways to find the information you're looking for)

=> Free Spreadsheet Calculation Program for Curves and Shapes
(Improved download available now)

=> WOODWEB Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Packaging and Transportation at WOODWEB's Product Directory
(New category just added)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)


=> New Knowledge Base Index

WOODWEB's Knowledge Base now offers a new way to find the
information you're looking for. This extensive,
always-growing collection of articles has recently been
indexed by industry specific categories. When you click on
a category listing, all related Knowledge Base article
titles will be shown on a single page for review.


=> Free Spreadsheet Calculation Program for Curves and Shapes

A free, downloadable spreadsheet calculation program
available at WOODWEB has just been updated. The program,
created by Paul Huntington, can be used to automatically
calculate curves, angles, compound miters and springback.
Improvements have been made to the program layout and
drawings, and formulas have been added for flattened and
partial cone calculations. Find out more, or download the
program at:


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=> WOODWEB Knowledge Base Highlights

Sawyers flex their muscles and get creative as they load,
unload and transport their logs. Here they discuss the
equipment that does the heavy lifting.

How does your drying rack stack up against the rest?
Professionals offer tips on how they lay out the freshly
finished goods in their favorite racks.

To prune or not to prune your future sawlogs - that is the
question. Will trimming your trees encourage straight,
clear grain in the wood you will someday saw?

By virtue of its name, the 32mm system doesn't sound like
it leaves much room to move. But these cabinetmakers claim
the system is open to a certain amount of interpretation.
Hole placement is compared from shop to shop.

When you put MDF and particleboard in the ring together,
which will come out on top? Will one substrate crumble in
the cabinet construction arena while the other stands

Are sawyers slinging insults again? 'FOB defined' is the
title of this recent addition to the Knowledge Base. If
you don't know the meaning of this term, find out now - it
could save you from a costly surprise.


=> Packaging and Transportation at WOODWEB's Product

A new Packaging and Transportation category has just been
added to WOODWEB's Product Directory. Visit today:


=> Hot Threads

A large project including many sub-contractors is going
way over schedule, and someone's gotta take the blame...
but with careful time cushioning on the subs' part, why is
this happening?

Interested in up-close and in-color pictures of a jig for
beaded face frames? View one forum contributor's jig here,
and add your own input to the thread.

A question is posed at the Business Forum: what is the
most efficient system of shipping? Join participants to
offer up your most creative crating methods and share
advice on choosing a capable carrier.

'HVLP' is a commonly heard term around the Finishing Forum
these days. Wondering what's so great about this specific
spray gun? Or perhaps you've already converted to this new
way to spray? Share your thoughts on this topic:

The WOODWEB Update is Copyright (c) WOODWEB, Inc. 2003