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	The WOODWEB Update - #092
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In this issue:

=> WOODWEB Server Upgrade
(It's now faster than ever to surf WOODWEB)

=> Finding Wood is Fast and Easy
(Get price quotes via email in less than 24 hours)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Industry News, Sales and Specials Offers
(Deals, tradeshows, classes, more)

=> New Product Directory Categories
(Energy Production Equipment and Job Opportunities)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Solid Wood Machining Forum Technical Advisor
(Meet Dave Rankin)


=> WOODWEB Server Upgrade

Noticed something different lately? WOODWEB upgraded its
server at the beginning of May, resulting in much faster
page load and search result times. Try a search today by
entering search terms into the field found at the top
right corner of every page at WOODWEB.


=> Knowledge Base Highlights

This shop worker is convinced that his company could
increase profits if only they'd consider streamlining
their production flow. Read on for some solid suggestions
on how this employee should present his case:

It might not seem so, but quartersawing can be a very
personal matter. Sawyers share descriptions, photographs,
and sketches of their tried-and-true (and very individual)
methods here:

If your lumber is over-dried in the kiln, it may lose its
machinability. Is there any way to bring its MC back up
and regain this lost machinability? Here are the facts:

Here you'll find one WOODWEB reader's photographs of his
homemade solar wood drying kiln, back and front, inside
and out, plus descriptions of all aspects.

It is often said that no two people see color alike...
so is there any hope for developing color matching
standards for finishers? Find out what information is
already out there and what some professionals believe
prevents the possibility of true standards.

Are swing bladers an all-around happy lot, or do their
machines, like other sawyers' mills, cause them headaches?
Here are the answers, straight from the owners:


=> Finding Wood is Fast and Easy

WOODWEB and WoodPlanet offer a great FREE service to
our visitors. Tell us what lumber you’re looking for,
and we'll post your request at both WOODWEB and
WoodPlanet, and send it out to appropriate suppliers.
In no time, price quotes will arrive at your Inbox,
complete with contact info for each supplier. All you
have do is pick the best one. Click on the link below
to send a Request for Quote:


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is
sponsored in part by WoodBids.com:

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=> Industry News, Sales and Specials Offers

There are some excellent Industry Sales and Special Offers
going on in May from EX-FACTORY, Specialtytools.com,
JLT Clamps, Alliance Millsoft and more. Don't miss out:

A few of the latest topics at the Industry News include:
companies displaying at LIGNA 2003, new site for the
NHLA lumber grading program, and new facilities for
WEIMA America, Inc. and Komo Machine.


=> New Product Directory Categories

Two new categories have just been added to WOODWEB's
Product Directory: Energy Production Equipment:
and Job Opportunities:


=> Hot Threads

A desperate cry rings out from the Business Forum - 
'Held hostage again!' This employer is faced with
workers who constantly want more. Now one of his
craftsmen wants his name on the door. Can this boss
and employee come to terms that satisfy them both?
Put in your two cents:

Do you think marking up materials could bring this
woodworker the return he deserves? He's fed up with
charging too low for high-quality cabinetry.
Join in the discussion at:

Is there a difference between 'inspecting' and 'grading'
lumber? And must one become certified to do either?
These are a couple of recent questions raised at the
Sawing and Drying Forum. If you know the answers or
would like to learn them, visit:


=> Solid Wood Machining Forum Technical Advisor

Dave Rankin is President of Moulder Services, Inc.,
a company he formed in 1986 to provide operator training
and repair for all types of moulders and profile grinders.
He is currently Director of Technical Education for the
Grinderman's Association as well, a non-profit group he
founded in 1997 to promote education and training of
moulder and grinder operators, and is the Editor of their
publication, 'The Profiler.'

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