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	The WOODWEB Update - #093
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In this issue:

=> WOODWEB's Computer Awards
(Deserving students receive free computers)

=> WOODWEB Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Machinery Finder
(Locate the equipment you're searching for)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current Forum discussions)

=> Technical Advisor at Dust Collection & Safety Forum
(Meet Curt Corum)

=> Industry Sales and Special Offers
(Details on new summer deals)


=> WOODWEB's Computer Awards

Thanks to the WOODWEB Computer Award, two Montrose Area
High School seniors will soon receive brand new PCs.
This annual award was initiated by WOODWEB and the
Montrose Area School District to put computers in the hands
of students who would otherwise not be able to purchase
a PC. This is the second year the award will be given.


=> WOODWEB Knowledge Base Highlights

The allure of bigger bucks is what draws some contractors
out of the small-scale residential realm and into the world
of commercial work. The step is not a small one, however.
If you're thinking about taking the leap, consider this advice:

Living on a large plot of land, harvesting, sawing, drying
and selling the lumber... Sound like a dream? Find out how
many acres are needed to turn fantasy into reality.

HVLP spray guns are much-talked about these days. Still
need convincing before you consider one for your own shop?
Finishers sing praise for the HVLP system here:

Now here's a daunting task: building a CNC router.
Configurations (and more) are covered in depth:

Is your solar kiln the sensitive type? Some feel their
kilns would fare better with automatic vents, but the
Wood Doctor (AKA Professor Gene Wengert) assures that
those kilns can take the heat...

Assemble, spray, dado... These steps can be performed
in varying sequences. Finding the right order is the
challenge for this cabinetmaker. Which sequence will
produce the least amount of problems?


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=> Machinery Finder

If you aren't already familiar with our easy-to-use
Machinery Finder, now's the time to give it a try.
There are over 8,000 individual machine listings in the
database now, each one containing detailed pre-purchase
information and often accompanied by one or more photos.
Browse nearly **eighty** categories of equipment, or
search the entire database by machinery type, manufacturer,
location, and description. Users may also submit Requests
for Quote (RFQ's) that will be sent to machine dealers
worldwide. Check out the Machinery Finder at:


=> Hot Threads

The votes are rolling in for the best choice of mortiser
in the small cabinet shop. Have an opinion? Whether it be
a slot, chain or hollow chisel mortiser, speak up at the
Solid Wood Machining Forum. 

The amount of wood dust produced by small hand tools may
seem neglible compared to the clouds produced by larger
machines, but those little doses can really pile up - in
the depths of your lungs as well as the corners of your
workshop. Join in this discussion to share ideas on
connecting hand tools to the central dust collection system:

In a sea of huge companies, do suppliers look over your
one-man outfit as if it doesn't exist? Wondering how to
demand the attention you deserve? The longer this thread
gets, the more creative the ideas. Some even say a plate
of fried chicken could solve your ordeal...

This woodworker has been asked to bid a kitchen island with
curves and complexities unlike any he's tackled before.
Join in with others at the Cabinetmaking Forum and help
price this piece.


=> Technical Advisor at Dust Collection & Safety Forum

Curt Corum is the technical sales manager for Air Handling
Systems. He has delivered problem-solving solutions to
small shops as well as major corporations. 

Curt served as technical advisor for the installation of
dust collection systems for both 'The New Yankee Workshop'
television show hosted by Norm Abrams, and 'This Old House'
television show hosted by Steve Thomas. Curt has authored,
co-authored and served as technical advisor for articles
published in Fine Woodworking, Wood & Wood Products, CWB,
Woodshop News, FDM, and Cabinetmaker.

Visit the Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation Forum at:


=> Industry Sales and Special Offers

Logosol and Festool have just announced their very hot
summer sales. You'll find details on these and more at:

Find out how to promote your company on the Web.
If you're a supplier to the wood industry,
visit WOODWEB's Media Kit:
If you're a woodworking professional,
visit the Woodworkers Directory:

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