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	The WOODWEB Update - #094
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In this issue:

=> Software Connection
(New programs available)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current Forum discussions)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Finding Wood is Fast and Easy
(Get price quotes via email in less than 24 hours)

=> Technical Advisor at Value Added Wood Processing Forum
(Meet Steve Bratkovich


=> Software Connection

Five titles have just been added to WOODWEB's Software Connection:

*IrfanView* Free graphics viewer
*EasyDoor* Door design software
*eCabinet Systems* Free full featured cabinet design & kitchen layout software 
*Cabinet Solutions* Cabinet design software
*OfficeCAD* Generates CAD drawings in your web browser

Download them at:


=> Hot Threads

Creative thinkers are sought at the Architectural Woodworking Forum.
Visit this thread today to contribute ideas on manufacturing
a unique run of pyramid panels.

Interested in the finer points of entertainment center
design? Join in with your thoughts on using space
efficiently, and discover elements essential
to producing a truly professional product.

Wood Bleaching 101 is being held at the Finishing Forum.
Learn about the chemical changes that occur with this process,
and post your questions (and answers) on bleaching technique.


This issue of the WOODWEB Update
is sponsored in part by WoodBids.com:

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=> Knowledge Base Highlights

If there are no woodworking industry standards for CNC
feeds and speeds, where does a beginner begin? Here are
some starting points for developing a working set of numbers.

The title of this Fact Sheet from the West Virginia
University Extension Service says it all - 
'Solar Drying Basics.' This informative four-page article
includes detailed diagrams of different solar kilns.

Are you ready for a truly electrifying lesson?
'Three phase motors 101'
explains the basics in layman's terms.

One of WOODWEB's forum contributors put together this
collection of photos, detailing his home-built bandsaw mill.
Included you'll find explanations of parts and construction.

Here is a short piece - two clear, crisp photos
and a brief description - about one cabinetmaker's
jig for beaded face frames.

Is CNC nesting all it's cracked up to be for every shop?
Some manufacturers say it isn't appropriate for their setup
- are they missing out?


=> Finding Wood is Fast and Easy

WOODWEB and WoodPlanet offer a great FREE service to
our visitors. Tell us the lumber you’re looking for,
and we'll post your request at both WOODWEB and
WoodPlanet, and send it out to appropriate suppliers.
In no time, price quotes will arrive at your Inbox,
complete with contact info for each supplier. All you
have do is pick the best one. Click on the link below
to send a Request for Quote:


=> Technical Advisor at Value Added Wood Processing Forum

Stephen M. Bratkovich is currently employed as a
Forest Products Specialist with the USDA Forest Service,
Northeastern Area, State & Private Forestry, St. Paul,
Minnesota. Current job duties include providing technical
assistance to State forestry agencies, non-profit
organizations, private industries and other clientele in
the subject areas of forest products marketing and
utilization. Bratkovich has a Bachelor of Science degree
from Penn State University and graduate degrees from the
University of New Hampshire and The Ohio State University.

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