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	The WOODWEB Update - #096
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In this issue:

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of interesting forum discussions)

=> Industry News
(The latest and greatest)

=> Finishing Forum Technical Advisor
(Meet Russ Ramirez)

=> Daily Grams
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=> Forestry Forum
(Come in from the woods)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> WOODWEB and WoodPlanet at the AWFS®Fair
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=> Hot Threads

A dire design dilemma is occurring at the Architectural
Woodworking Forum. Think you can offer some advice on
trimming this problematic opening in a customer's home?

This finisher is struggling with some very undesirable
orangepeel in his lacquer. He'd like a little online
assistance in obtaining a smooth surface on his cabinets.
If you have an idea, don't hesitate - offer it up at:

The question of wind shake has been broached at the
Sawing and Drying Forum, and whether or not the wind
actually has anything to do with the matter.
Professor Gene Wengert, the Wood Doc, explains in
detail what causes this degradation of wood quality.
If you've ever wondered about shake or the bacteria
behind it, now's the time - ask away:

This man is concerned with the gaps he anticipates after
installing a job of stained crown moulding. How best to
fill these voids? If you can help him out, read on at:


=> Industry News

'Part of our business philosophy is to support and
encourage education in our industry,' says Catherine
Helshoj of Laguna Tools. Approximately $100,000 in
fine woodworking tools and machinery will be given
away this year by Laguna, in celebration of its 20th
business anniversary. Schools operating a woodworking
curriculum qualify to enter the competition, which
involves either building a piece of furniture or
demonstrating financial need. For further details, visit: 

You'll find many more interesting highlights of what's
happening in the woodworking industry at WOODWEB's
Industry News. Learn about the Student Design Contest
at the AWFS®Fair, and get a preview of products to be
unveiled at Anaheim.

Also check out the Industry Sales and Special Offers,
where you'll find deals from Wood-Mizer, Denray Machine,
ASAP Tooling and more.


=> Finishing Forum Technical Advisor

Russ Ramirez is an engineer by profession with over
18 years of wood finishing experience. He has designed
and formulated a selection of finishing products. Russ
owns and operates WoodFinishingSupplies.com, the
Internet's first online store dedicated to wood finishing
information and products, while also serving as a factory
rep for a number of finishing products.

Visit the Finishing Forum at:


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=> Forestry Forum

Cutting stump sprouts ... certified forests ... aspen borers.
These are a few of the recent topics raised at the Forestry
Forum. Stop by today to discuss your trials and triumphs
in silviculture:


=> Knowledge Base Highlights

Being certified as a solid surface installer may have some
significant benefits, but is pursuing the certification
process worth all the trouble?

What does a lathe worker's garden grow? Rosettes, of course.
Read tips from the pros on how to turn those rosettes out
using different types of equipment.

Ever wonder how bleach affects wood, chemically speaking?
Here are the answers, plus plenty of ideas on subduing
wood grain and flecks with bleach and other products.

The search is on for a less toxic alternative to
CV (conversion varnish). A handful of finishers'
favorite products are presented here...

This project, consisting of a series of unique desks,
calls for curved lamination. The challenge is in
finding a suitable wood product with minimal
springback properties to fill the bill.

When it comes to thinning your woodlot, should
multi-stemmed trees get the axe without question?
Learn what value these trees may have, and how a
little extra grooming could produce a future sawlog.


=> WOODWEB and WoodPlanet at the AWFS®Fair

If you plan to attend this year's AWFS®Fair, don't miss
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