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	The WOODWEB Update - #098
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=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Machinery and Lumber RFQs
(Request for Quotes help you find what you need, fast)

=> Industry News, Sales and Special Offers
(Stay on top of wood industry developments)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Adhesives Forum Technical Advisor
(Meet Jeff Pitcher)


=> Knowledge Base Highlights

A career change from the safe, salaried world of computers
to the somewhat less stable world of cabinets - can this
move be made in manageable steps, or is a death-defying
leap the only option?

Think you have a solid understanding of the term 'value
added'? You might be surprised at how many creative
interpretations of this phrase are out there. Give your
marketing mind a little inspiration by clicking on the
link below ...

A cabinetmaker's method of joinery is a very personal
choice. Arguments are made in this Knowledge Base article
for dowel, dado, pocket screw and more. After reading, if
you'd like to offer your opinion, click on the 'Add Your
Comment' link to submit details on your favorite system.

Is AWI membership and certification worth the trouble?
Find out in these pages what some of the benefits (and
drawbacks) may be.


=> Machinery and Lumber RFQs

Don't forget - a Machinery or Lumber RFQ (Request for Quote)
can be submitted from any WOODWEB Knowledge Base or
Product Directory page by clicking on the link in the
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send one out today!


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=> Industry News, Sales and Special Offers

If you haven't already made a habit of regularly visiting
WOODWEB's Industry News and Industry Sales and Special
Offers, you're missing out on the latest wood industry
announcements, including info on great sales and new

Human lungs aren't the only things in your shop that can
suffer from wood dust inhalation. Keep your computer's
inner organs healthy and dust-free with the Dirt Bag. Find
out more at:

Now through September 1st, Specialtytools.com is holding a
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=> Hot Threads

A good installer must be a good problem solver, and the
challenging job this man has taken on was already turned
down by two others. The task involves a chair rail with
picture frame parallelograms on a curved wall flowing up a
staircase. Can you help him climb to the top with a little
careful consideration of the complexities he is about to

Is it possible to produce frameless cabinetry and achieve
the most basic element - perfectly square boxes - without
investing in some very pricey equipment? If you'd like to
know what's worked for others, or if you've struggled with
the square issue yourself, join in:

The question here focuses on custom work - is nesting
appropriate for shops that produce a variety of products
with a variety of materials? If you're considering nested
based manufacturing for your company, or are already well
invested in NBM, check out this thread at the CNC Forum.

A simple enough question was recently raised at the Sawing
and Drying Forum - 'What is heart pine?' Who would have
thought it would spark so many differing answers, and such
a lengthy discussion? The Wood Doctor, Professor Gene
Wengert, chimes in now and then to set the record straight
on more than one subject.

You thought you were all alone... until you shut off your
machinery and couldn't help but notice a disturbingly loud
crunch-crunch-munching coming from your log pile. Who's
that noisy gnawer wasting your wood? Learn from others
who've caught the culprit, and posted his mugshot here.


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=> Adhesives Forum Technical Advisor

Jeff Pitcher is vice-president of CP Industries in
Clifton, NJ. CP is a manufacturer and distributor of wood
adhesives in the Northeast. Although he was born into a
family that was active in the adhesives industry, he
entered the publishing industry after his graduation from
the University of Kansas. After spending several years
with Putnam Publishing and Random House, Jeff rejoined the
adhesives business seven years ago as marketing director
for Custom-Pak Adhesives in Newark, OH. Last July he moved
to New Jersey to run the operation there.

Visit the Adhesives Forum at:

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