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	The WOODWEB Update - #100
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In this issue:

=> WOODWEB's Newsstand
(Three new trade publications just added)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Technical Advisor at CNC Forum
(Brian Personett lends his expertise)

=> Keeping Your Shop Well-Stocked
(WOODWEB can help you find the products your business needs)

=> Industry Sales and Special Offers
(Sales on sawblades, machinery options and more) 


=> WOODWEB's Newsstand

Some of the best wood industry magazines are online, and
you can find a great sampling of them at WOODWEB's
Newsstand. Three trade publications have just been added
to the list: Wood Digest, Wood Digest's Finishing, and
Independent Sawmill & Woodlot Management. You can peruse
them at:


=> Hot Threads

A young carpenter at the Business Forum would like to
hear from those who have gone before him. With an
ill-equipped shop but the beginnings of a good business
and the desire for a detailed plan, he's ready to gather
the tools and experiences he'll need to advance into a
career as a custom cabinetmaker. Can you offer some
advice that may steer him down the right path?

The pros and cons of frameless versus face frame
cabinetry have been debated endlessly, but here's a new
question: why do face frames exceed frameless in
popularity in magazine surveys, when it seems so many
forum particpants are fond of frameless? Throw in your
thoughts at:

After a finisher applied stain to an oak floor, his
fickle customer informed him that she'd prefer a dark
color to the present one. Is a new stain in order, or a
whole new process? Everyone's chiming in with their
ideas. Don't miss out on a great discussion:

When it comes to refinishing and generally rejuvenating
this beautiful, 100+ year old pine floor, what are the
best steps to take? If you've got ideas on giving this
floor a youthful appearance, add them to the mix:


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=> Knowledge Base Highlights

This company has set out on the search for a good sales
rep - someone with enough woodworking-specific marketing
savvy to increase business in just the right ways. Where
does the search begin, and what qualities should one look
for in a rep? Some good advice here:

Installers often find themselves in tight spots when it
comes to difficult scribing situations. A few sworn-by
methods - from templating to tic sticking - are presented
here, and heartily debated. Efficiency, simplicity and
neatness are the ultimate goals.

Pursuit of the perfect miter is the subject of this
piece. Is it in the tooling or the technique? The topic
is explored in depth:

Kickboxing is all the rage these days, but you won't find
instruction for *these* kick boxes on the schedule at the
local fitness center. We're talking speedy production of
separately-built kicks for installation with frameless
cabinetry, not a cardio workout and self-defense
strategy. There's plenty here, covering leg levelers and
much more:

Used utility poles: they're long, rot-resistant and
cheap, so why not resaw 'em? Tramp metal and health risks
are two good reasons. Be warned:

Two highly informative and very hefty publications from
the Forest Service have just been archived in our
Knowledge Base. They are both available - free - to be
read right away or downloaded for future reference.



This issue of the WOODWEB Update
is sponsored in part by WoodBids.com:

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=> Technical Advisor at CNC Forum

Brian Personett is Plant Manager for Crown Supply Co.,
Inc., in Seymour, Indiana. He started his career in 1983
working mainly in countertops, and in 1985 began working
on Crown's new line of cabinets. 

Brian is responsible for keeping all the casework flowing
through the shop.

Away from work, Brian enjoys officiating high school
football, fishing, and being involved in his children's
numerous activities and sports.

Visit Brian at the CNC Forum:


=> Keeping Your Shop Well-Stocked

Having a hard time locating a particular product or
service? The dovetailer of your dreams? A supplier so
reliable you'll sleep well at night? We can help!
WOODWEB offers a few different ways to start your search...

- Enter a product name in our search engine, located at
	the top right of every page.
- Browse our Product Directory, by product type or
	company name.
- Send an inquiry to a WOODWEB vendor by clicking on the
	'Contact this Company' link beside their Product Directory listing.

Try it out at WOODWEB's Product Directory:


=> Industry Sales and Special Offers

European Tooling is running an autumn sawblade special,
while Black Bros. offers a free Auto-Clean option on
their 875 Adhesive Spreader. You'll find more great deals
along with these at:

Find out how to promote your company on the Web.
If you're a supplier to the wood industry, visit
WOODWEB's Media Kit:
If you're a woodworking professional, visit the
Woodworkers Directory:

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