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	The WOODWEB Update - #104
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In this issue:

=> Uploading Images at WOODWEB's Forums is Now Easier
(Illustrate your ideas as you post)

=> Industry News, Sales and Special Offers
(Important info on upcoming Midwest Expo)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Software Connection
(Freeware Excel workbook)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Technical Advisor at Dust Collection, Safety and
Planter Operation Forum
(Curt Corum stands by)


=> Uploading Images at WOODWEB's Forums is Now Easier

The programmers at WOODWEB have just put the finishing
touches on a new and improved image upload process at all
of the Forums and Exchanges. 

When posting messages at WOODWEB's Forums, you can now
easily include an image (picture) by clicking the
appropriate link at each Forum ... you'll be guided
through our new image upload process. 

You'll find a complete list of WOODWEB Forums here:


=> Industry News, Sales and Special Offers

You'll find all the latest important info at WOODWEB's
Industry News. Quickscribe has just announced the
addition of scribing tool videos to their website:

Get inside info on what to expect at the upcoming Midwest
Expo right here:
and learn about special deals that will be offered at the
tradeshow here:

To learn more about the Midwest Expo, click here:


=> Knowledge Base Highlights

Cleaning stubbornly stuck (and very crusty) glue out of
an edgebander can be a daunting task. This article
includes details on how owners have emptied out their
equipment, with step-by-step photos to go along.

How do you miter crown moulding when it lays flat on the
chopsaw table? Read these pointers on finding the correct
angle and making an accurate cut.

When it comes to adding an employee to a growing
business, cost is a major issue. With insurance and other
concerns, what does this expansion mean, in dollars and

How does one eliminate those bothersome blotches that
appear in certain woods when they are stained? Here are
some ideas, from switching your choice of product to
exploring new methods.

This article explores the equipment regularly used to
create dados in the cabinet shop. There are as many tools
out there as there are craftsmen... Learn what they like,
and why.

What defines ''heartpine''? Is it history, age, growth
cycles or something else? Get the lowdown here, complete
with input from the Wood Doctor, professor Gene Wengert.


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=> Software Connection

Segment Sizer is a freeware Excel workbook that
calculates arch moulding segment sizes. Find it in the
woodworking software category right here:


=> Hot Threads

What kind of secrets can a custom kitchen hold? One
cabinetmaker has gotten very creative, transforming a
traditional toekick into well-disguised drawers. He's
posted some photos, and is answering questions about his

Unique ideas are really flowing this week at the
Cabinetmaking Forum. A recent post requests thoughts on
bifold pocket doors... Has anyone come up with a
successful solution for these? Join in:

Are you an ACAD user? A current forum discussion began
with a challenge: present your opinions on 2D and 3D, but
keep the conversation cool. Whether you've got strong
feelings on drawing and modelling, or you take a more
middle-of-the-road approach, this thread is an
interesting one:

The talk is on toning at the Finishing Forum. Will this
technique lend a dark finish to pine without  subduing
the wood's grain?

An enormous anomaly has been dragged into the Sawing and
Drying Forum on the back of one participant's truck...
Can this monster be preserved?


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by

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=> Technical Advisor at Dust Collection, Safety and
Planter Operation Forum

Curt Corum is the technical sales manager for Air
Handling Systems. He has delivered problem-solving
solutions to small shops as well as major corporations.
Curt served as technical advisor for the installation of
dust collection systems for both ''The New Yankee
Workshop'' television show hosted by Norm Abrams, and
''This Old House'' television show hosted by Steve Thomas.
Curt has authored, co-authored and served as technical
advisor for articles published in Fine Woodworking, Wood
& Wood Products, CWB, Woodshop News, FDM, and

Visit the Dust Collection, Safety and Planter Operation
Forum at:

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