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	The WOODWEB Update - #105
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In this issue:

=> New at WOODWEB: Most Recent Posts
(Current Forum action, at a glance)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Technical Advisor at Value Added Wood Processing Forum
(Stephen M. Bratkovich joins the discussion)

=> Daily Grams
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=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)


=> New at WOODWEB: Most Recent Posts

The WOODWEB programmers have been hard at work this fall...

First, they brought you the improved image upload process, and
now they've launched the ''Most Recent Posts'' feature at the
Forums and Exchanges.

At each Forum (at the top of the list of messages) you'll notice
a ''view most recent posts'' link... click on this link, and you'll
be presented with a page that allows you to view the most
recent posts at all of WOODWEB's Forums and Exchanges.

You can also choose to receive recent posting information
on individual Forums and Exchanges.

Just one more example of why WOODWEB is the information
resource for the woodworking industry.

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=> Knowledge Base Highlights

This highlight is all about logging arches, including a
few built by the sawyers who use them. There are plenty
of details on what they wish they'd done differently,
plus more, right here...

A wealth of valuable information on solar kilns has been
archived in our Knowledge Base over the years. When it
came down to building his own kiln, one WOODWEB visitor
compiled a list of key points he found in our pages. This
article nails down a few loose boards and sends our writer
on his way to successful solar drying.

If you've waited a little too long to think about keeping
your finish room warm and cozy in the cold months, don't
rush into installation of a heating system that you have
not researched. Educate yourself, and proceed with caution
in order to prevent your spray booth from becoming a bomb...

Advice is given here on creating a faux marble finish to
match a client's mantel. The steps may be time-consuming,
but this finisher is urged to charge enough to make it
well worth his while.

Setting up parametric AutoCAD drawings to go along with
parametric CNC programs... sound daunting? Not with a
little help from your Forum friends.

Advantages and disadvantages of using dadoes in the
construction of face frame cabinet boxes (made from
melamine) are presented in this piece. Strength is the
issue... is this the best way to go?


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=> Technical Advisor at Value Added Wood Processing Forum

Stephen M. Bratkovich is currently employed as a Forest
Products Specialist with the USDA Forest Service,
Northeastern Area, State & Private Forestry, St. Paul,
Minnesota. Current job duties include providing technical
assistance to State forestry agencies, non-profit
organizations, private industries and other clientele in
the subject areas of forest products marketing and
utilization. Bratkovich has a Bachelor of Science degree
from Penn State University and graduate degrees from the
University of New Hampshire and The Ohio State University.

Visit the Value Added Wood Processing Forum at:


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=> Daily Grams

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=> Hot Threads

This cabinetmaker seeks a speedier system for building
beaded face frames. If you've got some ideas, or are
curious about the ones already presented in this thread,
read on. And with WOODWEB's improved image upload process,
participants are finding it easier than ever to post
pictures, so you'll find plenty of illustrations to
accompany this discussion.

This sawyer has the opportunity to harvest a grove of
good-quality catalpa trees, but is unfamiliar with the
lumber. Is the wood worth the work?

A weighty subject has come up at the Cabinetmaking
Forum... The talk is about a hefty fish tank, and how to
support it with a slick-looking cabinet for a very picky
customer. As unique as this project may be, it's been done
before, and the pictures are here to prove it.

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