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	The WOODWEB Update - #108
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In this issue:

=> Industry News
(Up-to-date info on tradeshows, courses and more)

=> Bookstore and Newsstand
(Industry resources at WOODWEB)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Technical Advisor at Adhesives Forum
(Jeff Pitcher lends advice at WOODWEB)


=> Industry News

At WOODWEB's Industry News, you'll find the latest info on
the upcoming Carolinas Expo, courses from Stiles
Education, and important product developments from many
companies. All this is one click away...


=> Bookstore and Newsstand

Browse through the stacks without leaving the comfort of
your computer desk! You'll find descriptions and links to
key woodworking industry trade magazines here:
and an extensive list of cabinetmaking, furniture design,
boatbuilding, forestry and wood engineering books for sale
at discount prices here:
Under ''Primary Wood Processing,'' see a list of recommended
reading compiled by Forum Technical Advisors Gene Wengert
and Steve Bratkovich.


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=> Hot threads

Do your best looking jobs deserve professional
documentation? This thread focuses on hiring a
photographer to prepare the contents of your portfolio.
Whether you're tempted to do it yourself, or are
considering the added cost of hiring a pro, you'll find
relevant discussion right here:

This question at the Cabinetmaking Forum seeks an elegant
solution to the problems inherent in corner cabinets. Join
in with ideas on improving the standard lazy susan setup,
and working with creative alternatives.

What's a good way to ruin a classy cabinet, fast? Try a
spray schedule that produces a bumpy surface instead of a
smooth one. Can you help this frustrated finisher?

This cabinetmaker is making the transition from low-end to
high-end work. In this new realm, how should he market
himself for success? Suggestions on where and how are
rolling in...


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=> Knowledge Base Highlights

Building beaded face frames: is there a way to speed up
this tedious process? It seems it's all in the equipment...

There's more to this kitchen than might appear at first
glance. The secret is in the toekicks, which open up to
reveal a little extra, easy-access storage space. Get details
and photos of these special drawers in this new article:

A client has called for a ''breakfast bar'' to be
incorporated into a set of existing cabinets. This
in-depth article describes how a raised laminate
countertop might be constructed.

Since the beginning days at WOODWEB, Professor Gene Wengert
 - the very knowledgeable Wood Doctor - has been a
very active participant, placing a priority on education
for woodworkers. Gene has contributed to hundreds of our
Knowledge Base entries, and answers questions daily at our
Sawing and Drying Forum. Hat's off to one of the most
knowledgeable experts in his field. Our collection of Wood
Doctor articles can be viewed at:


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by WoodBids.com:

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=> Adhesives Forum Technical Advisor

Jeff Pitcher is vice-president of CP Industries in
Clifton, NJ. CP is a manufacturer and distributor of wood
adhesives in the Northeast. Although he was born into a
family that was active in the adhesives industry, he
entered the publishing industry after his graduation from
the University of Kansas. After spending several years
with Putnam Publishing and Random House, Jeff rejoined the
adhesives business seven years ago as marketing director
for Custom-Pak Adhesives in Newark, OH. Last July he moved
to New Jersey to run the operation there. Visit the
Adhesives Forum at:

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