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	The WOODWEB Update - #112

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In this issue:

=> Lumber and Timber Calculators
(Make estimating a little easier)

=> Software Connection Addition
(The Expert Technician now available)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Adhesives Forum Technical Advisor
(Jeff Pitcher provides expert information)

=> Industry Sales and Special Offers
(Great deals from Specialtytools.com)


==> Lumber and Timber Calculators

If you haven't tried out our online calculators yet,
you're missing out on a way to make your timber and lumber
related estimating quick and easy. WOODWEB, along with
Professor Gene Wengert, has developed these calculators:
- Hardwood Lumber Board Footage Calculator
- Log Volume (Scribner - International - Doyle) Calculator
- Lumber Weight Calculator
- Wood Shrinkage Calculator
- Softwood Lumber Board Footage Calculator
- Lumber Weight Conversion Caclulator
- Estimated Log Weight Calculator
- Door and Finished Material Weight Calculator
- Tree Value Calculator

Try them out at:


=> Software Connection Addition

The Expert Technician offers help with maintenance and
troubleshooting of Baghouse (dust collector) type equipment.


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by:

Accurate Technology: Check out Accurate Technology Commercial
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=> Knowledge Base Highlights

Two Forest Service publications have just been added to
our archives.

''Equilibrium Moisture Content of Wood in
Outdoor Locations in the United States and Worldwide''
includes information to aid in the storage of kiln-dried lumber:

''Estimates of Air Drying Times for Several Hardwoods and Softwoods''
describes a method of optimizing a drying simulation using
existing experimental air drying times for a few species.

The article below offers guidance on grits and schedules
for widebelt sanding of frame and panel doors.

Is it fair to pass the trimming of your toekicks off to
the next guy? This cabinetmaker likes to leave the
installation of the toe kick for the finish carpenter.
When he catches some flack, he questions his responsibility...


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by:

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=> Hot Threads

All of a sudden, this company's steady client is asking
for a little too much information. Is their request for
hard numbers relating to raw materials, direct and
sub-contracted labor, and even profit a little too
personal? Join the debate:

This detailed discussion sprang from a question about the
transition from overlay doors and drawer fronts to inset
door and drawer fronts. If you can offer advice on making
the switch a smooth one, post a message today:

An architectural detailer is yearning for a good
old-fashioned eraser. How can he delete blocks and layers
in ACAD? The answers are rolling in...

This thread about creative configurations of crown
mouldings includes some excellent diagrams and ideas. Add
your own at:

Does steaming lumber make it more marketable? This
discussion focuses on the pros and cons of manipulating
the color of your wood.


=> Adhesives Forum Technical Advisor

Jeff Pitcher is vice-president of CP Industries in
Clifton, NJ. CP is a manufacturer and distributor of wood
adhesives in the Northeast. Although he was born into a
family that was active in the adhesives industry, he
entered the publishing industry after his graduation from
the University of Kansas. After spending several years
with Putnam Publishing and Random House, Jeff rejoined the
adhesives business in 1995 as marketing director for
Custom-Pak Adhesives in Newark, OH. A few years ago he
moved to New Jersey to run the operation there.

Visit the Adhesives Forum at:


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=> Industry Sales and Special Offers

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