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	The WOODWEB Update - #117

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In this issue:

=> Industry News
(Stiles Education announces upcoming courses)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Technical Advisor at WOODWEB's CNC Forum
(Brian Personett lends professional advice)

=> Finding Wood is Fast and Easy
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=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> New at the Knowledge Base
(Find Images Fast, Spotlighted Articles)

=> Industry Sales and Special Offers
(Clearance sale on Now at Edge-It Edgebanding)


=> Industry News

Stiles Education announces featured courses, including
topics such as panel saw and edgebander operation and


=> Knowledge Base Highlights

As more woodworkers choose to construct cabinet interiors
with melamine, a debate arises... Is melamine high-quality
enough to be used in high-end kitchens? Its advantages and
drawbacks are covered here. Opinions run strong on which
applications melamine is appropriate in.

This article discusses the steps taken in creating AutoCAD
shop drawings. There are as many sequences as there are
CAD users. Highlighted here are some of the most important
efficiency issues.

This piece carefully considers arrangement of crown
molding, and covers how standard moulding profiles can be
creatively configured to achieve different looks.

Building a one by twelve closet shelf... sound like a
simple job? Maybe so, except that the closet wall is a
convex curve. Read about calculating the radius of this
curve, and view a few diagrams that illustrate how to
determine the correct curve.

A general contractor hands you a set of project drawings
to bid on, but the drawings were copied, and don't have
the proper copyright stamp. Does this present an ethical -
or even legal - problem? If these drawings are protected
by copyright law, what does this mean when you decide to

There is ample advice here on achieving a very fine-lined,
old China-like crackle finish. Products and schedules are
covered in detail.


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=> Technical Advisor at WOODWEB's CNC Forum

Brian Personett is Plant Manager for Crown Supply Co.,
Inc., in Seymour, Indiana. He started his career in 1983
working mainly in countertops, and in 1985 began working
on Crown's new line of cabinets. Brian is responsible for
keeping all the casework flowing through the shop.

Away from work, Brian enjoys officiating high school
football, fishing, and being involved in his children's
numerous activities and sports.

Visit the CNC Forum at:


=> Finding Wood is Fast and Easy

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and we'll post your request at both WOODWEB and
WoodPlanet, and send it out to appropriate suppliers.
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=> Hot Threads

As a newly hired estimator at a reputable cabinet company,
this forum participant is unhappy with the formula he is
expected to use in costing out work. Is the formula -
materials times X - as inaccurate as he fears?

Because factory-produced crown molding comes in 8 foot
lengths, the pieces must be spliced together in many
situations. How can this be dealt with in order to prevent
the gaps that often appear between sections over time?

This thread at the Sawing and Drying Forum includes
full-color photos of different home-built sawmills. Visit
''My Own Mill'' to learn how these machines were
constructed, or to add your own experience to the

Do you have an opinion on the best way to build interior
residential staircases? The debate laid out in this
question concerns housed vs. butted stringers.


=> New at the Knowledge Base

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