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	The WOODWEB Update - #123

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In this issue:

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Solid Wood Machining Forum Technical Advisor
(Dave Rankin shares his experience)

=> Fastcap Flipbolt finalist for Challenger's Award
(IWF Industry News highlights)

=> Woodworkers Directory
(Receive free Request for Quotes)

=> DUPLA-28 Automatic Guillotine 1/2 price From Fezer
(Industry Sales and Special Offers: great deal)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)


=> Knowledge Base Highlights

When it comes to kitchen cutouts, should appliances have a
little room to move? Builders and installers pipe up on
the topic, some demanding a tight fit, others demanding

Here's another article about putting the squeeze on, this
time concerning door panels. When a new supplier sends out
doors with a little too much room around the panels, the
buyer wonders if this is as acceptable in the industry as
the supplier claims.

Do you have enough breath in your booth? Proper fan sizing
in your finish area is extremely important. Learn more:

CNC code - is each programmer's method determined by
personal preferences? This piece delves into the subject,
exploring how a handful of pros create their code.

Butt joint, dado, rabbett... These attachment methods, and
more, are covered in this overview of frameless cabinet

Is the guy next door really the one to handle your CNC
machining? In this case, the answer may be ''no''. The
accuracy of routing from PDFs, as well as the use of tap
files, is our focus:


=> Solid Wood Machining Forum Technical Advisor

Dave Rankin is President of Moulder Services, Inc., a
company he formed in 1986 to provide operator training and
repair for all types of moulders and profile grinders. He
is also the current Director of Technical Education for
the Grinderman's Association, a non-profit group he
founded in 1997 to promote education and training of
moulder and grinder operators, and is the editor of their
publication, ''The Profiler.''

Visit the Solid Wood Machining Forum:


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=> Fastcap Flipbolt finalist for Challenger's Award

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=> Woodworkers Directory

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=> DUPLA-28 Automatic Guillotine 1/2 Price From Fezer

This double knife guillotine has an infeed conveyor,
automatic glue application and fanning conveyor. Get the
details on a great deal at:


=> Hot Threads

Calling all project managers: this one's for you. A
recently sparked discussion is flaring up at the Business
Forum. Now's your chance to share experiences and learn
the details of how other project managers manage their

Is this tool grinder's style getting stale? He's been
grinding the same way for six years, and wonders what part
of his method is to blame for fuzz, chatter and tear-out.

Illustrations abound in this thread on concealing the
cleats in wall-hung cabinets. Do you agree with the others
on how to hang?

If only the solution to this CAD question were a snap...
Forcing AutoCAD to snap to the outermost tangent of an arc
- can you help?

Do you have a preferred material for bleeder board for
nesting parts? This thread at the CNC Forum discusses
different products and the tooling best suited to them.

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