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	The WOODWEB Update - #124

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In this issue:

=> Record Numbers of Visitors at WOODWEB
(Over 15,000 in one day)

=> WOODWEB Welcomes Paul Snyder
(New Finishing Forum Technical Advisor)

=> Industry Sales and Special Offers
(Home interiors and gifts promotion)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Industry News
(Vacuum generators: clog-resistant and maintenance-free)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)


=> Record Numbers of Visitors at WOODWEB

A new record has been set at WOODWEB - over 15,000
visitors in one day! As we continually improve and expand
our site, we remain the Internet's leading information
resource for the woodworking industry.


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by
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=> WOODWEB Welcomes Paul Snyder

Paul joins Bob Niemeyer as co-Technical Advisor at the
Finishing Forum. Paul is a professional finisher who works
on a wide variety of projects ranging from restoring
furniture to high-end new custom cabinetry.

Using his background as a technical instructor in the
Navy, Paul has trained many apprentice finishers and is
developing a website as a learning resource for novice to
advanced amateur finishers:

Look for Paul's contributions at the Finishing Forum:


=> Industry Sales and Special Offers

Through a special promotion, Specialtytools.com is
offering a Gift Certificate to Home Interiors and Gifts
equal to 10% of you next Web Store order. Find the details


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by
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=> Hot Threads

Does presenting a quote face to face with a potential
customer add a valuable personal touch to your
interaction? Whether you believe that a one-on-one meeting
is irreplaceable, or that sending a slick packet in the
mail is sufficient, this thread awaits your input:

Compound angles in crown corner blocks make for an
aggravating situation in this cabinetmaker's shop. Can you
help him calculate the proper angles?

If you haven't tuned into Technical Advisor Steve
Bratkovich's ''Six Simple Marketing Steps'' recently, now's
the time. Steps one through four have been posted. Join in
this discussion, which covers many aspects of successful
business, from ''Decide on your market niche'' to
''Presentation is worth 50% of the sale.''

After having been sanded a little too vigorously, this
maple veneer is not accepting stain evenly. Ideas on how
to undo a too-smooth surface are rolling in. Don't miss
the in-depth post from new Finishing Forum Technical
Advisor, Paul Snyder, as you read.


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by

Come see WoodBids.com, the premiere auction based website
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=> Industry News

Now available from Anver: a line of air-powered,
single-stage vacuum generators for use where vacuum is
required on an intermittent basis or when a basic,
low-cost, functional design is desired. Learn more:


=> Knowledge Base Highlights

Experience may be priceless, but when you haven't got much
time in the business under your belt, the second best way
to prepare yourself is to ask questions of those who have
gone before you. This article gives advice to a brand new
shop owner, including tips on what tools to purchase and
warnings about diving in too deep.

Here is the lowdown on spraying a washcoat for a cherry
kitchen. Illustrations are included, and details on
schedule and equipment.

What's the big deal with scribe rails, or rather,
*without* them? Reasons for and against using scribe
moulding are presented here, covering a range of issues
from pride to ease of installation.

This piece takes CNC possibilities to a whole new
dimension... the third, to be precise. 3D jobs - including
programming and materials - are the focus.

What are those stubborn specks that keep appearing in this
high-gloss finish? Here we troubleshoot a finisher's
problems, searching for the culprit in a case of

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