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	The WOODWEB Update - #125

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In this issue:

=> Lumber Market Observations
(Provided by Hardwood Review)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Industry News
(Weinig rolls up its shirtsleeves)

=> Updated Lumber Buying Guides
(Current pricing for Western and Mid-Western Regions)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Industry Sales and Special Offers
(Special on knife steel products)


=> Lumber Market Observations

Hardwood Review provides in-depth, weekly reports on its
market observations. Now, at the end of each week, these
updates are available at WOODWEB. Check in once a week to
read about market trends and sales in the Northern,
Southern and Appalachian regions of the US.


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=> Knowledge Base Highlights

How do waterborne finishes measure up these days? Some
swear by them, others still shake their heads. Quality is
the central question.

When you're trapped in a tight spot... stuck in a
difficult situation... can you scribe yourself out of it?
This Knowledge Base article discusses the challenge of
scribing recessed cabinets and more...

You want to switch your shop's working measurements to
metric, but setting your employees' minds in a brand new
math groove seems all but impossible... This article
offers advice on a whole new way of thinking, and explains
how others have made this tricky transition:

When the question ''Why build face frames?'' is posed,
cabinetmakers are once again divided as they profess their
loyalties to frameless or face frame styles. If you think
face frame construction is outdated, this piece may
challenge your assumptions.

A new kind of toekick calls for a little fancy footwork by
this cabinetmaker. How are arched kicks typically
designed? Answers to that question, and photos of finished
jobs, are presented here:

What type of finish best suits MDF cabinet doors?
Pigmented lacquers and products for sealing the edges are


=> Industry News

The Weinig Group is reorganizing its business operations.
Customers will be the main beneficiaries of the
consolidation of Services and the changes to the Sales and
Marketing operations. Read on:


=> Updated Lumber Buying Guides

WOOWEB's Western and Mid-Western Lumber Buying Guides have
just been updated. Find current pricing for the USA at:


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by
Accurate Technology:

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on ProScale Digital measuring system products.

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=> Hot Threads

This inquiry about solving finishing bottlenecks in a
production shop has already generated many responses. Will
it grow larger than any previous WOODWEB discussion, as
one post predicts? Time will tell, but it certainly hits
on an important topic to many frazzled finishers. First,
can a plan be formulated to un-jam the traffic, and
second, can the management be convinced the plan will

A recent post at the Cabinet & Millwork Installation Forum
inquires about a trick for cutting trim fastened to a
wall. A deluge of answers has flooded in providing tips on
the tools that make this job easy. 

Steve Bratkovich rounds out his current thread on Simple
Marketing Steps with steps five and six. Tune in today to
read about ''Pricing your product for the market'' and
''Staying close to your customers.'' Don't hesitate to post
comments on your experience with these matters.

As technology transforms the television, the
cabinetmaker's hardware must keep up. Entertainment
centers must now be designed and constructed to house
plasma TVs. How do cabinetmakers securely hang these
mammoth TVs?


=> Industry Sales and Special Offers

DGK-2004 is here. It reflects heat better, it grinds
easier, it joints easier, it lasts longer and all of this
with no increase in costs. Find out about special pricing

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