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	The WOODWEB Update - #130

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In this issue:

=> Introducing the Commercial Kiln Drying Forum
(WOODWEB launches newest forum)

=> What Are You Interested In?
(New feature helps you zero in)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> MAG AA Spray Gun Saves Companies Cash
(Just posted at the Industry News)

=> Only Four More Weeks to Find Our Dogs
(WOODWEB's biggest contest ever is half over)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)


=> Introducing the Commercial Kiln Drying Forum

WOODWEB has just launched the Commercial Kiln Drying
Forum, focusing on operations that process at least
750,000 bd. ft. of lumber per year. In addition to
standard questions from visitors, this forum will also
include announcements of upcoming meetings and training
sessions, and short educational postings.

Gene Wengert serves as the overall volunteer technical
advisor, and you'll find that responses by participants
provide valuable insight to the questions and
announcements posted at the Commercial Kiln Drying Forum.

This forum promises to be yet another great informational
resource for the visitors at WOODWEB.


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Accurate Technology:

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=> What Are You Interested In?

In an ongoing effort to make WOODWEB as easy for you to
navigate as possible, we've added a feature we think
you'll find very useful. Look for the ''I'm interested
in...'' dropdown box in the right column of many pages at
WOODWEB. Click on a topic - for example, ''Buy and Sell'' -
and you'll be taken to our Site Map, where links to all
''Buy and Sell'' related areas are highlighted in bright
red. It's easier than ever to find what you're looking for
(Cabinetmaking - Machinery - Lumber - more!).

Check out ''I'm interested in...'' at the Site Map


=> Knowledge Base Highlights

A cabinetmaker out of his realm fears he is stuck between
a rock and a hard place... But his quandary over how to
support overhanging granite on a kitchen island is easily
laid to rest.

How can your shop determine what to charge for the
finishing portion of a cabinet job? Let us count the
ways... From simple schemes to complex calculations,
you'll find ample ideas right here:

It's true - some of the best ads in life are free. Word of
mouth can play an important role in a woodworker's
livelihood. But when your business decides to invest
dollars in an effort to increase exposure, which path
should you take? Spend a few bucks, or a few grand? Put it
on paper, or present yourself in living color?

Picture this: you, on the beach, in the sun... an entire
ocean away from the job. Is this only a fantasy, or the
result of a well-run business and a healthy year's profit?
This article discusses profit in depth - what to aim for,
and what it really means when you attain your goal.

From the oddest objects discovered in saw logs to the
sketchiest business schemes in the woodworking world,
you'll find a range of topics represented in this new
batch of entertaining and informative Editor's picks:


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by
C.R. Onsrud, Inc.:

Manufacturer of CNC routers, inverted routers, and routing

Web highlights:
* Video Demos Online
* Machine Specifications
* 24 Hour Parts and Service
* User Testimonials



=> MAG AA Spray Gun Saves Companies Cash

The unique Binks air assisted airless tip and air cap
design available in a new manifold-mounted automatic gun
platform is saving companies thousands of dollars in
material, parts and tips. Learn more:


=> Only Four More Weeks to Find Our Dogs

Over $2900 in prizes have already been awarded in
WOODWEB's biggest contest ever. If you haven't registered
for a chance to win, you haven't been surfing our website
enough. As you browse the pages at WOODWEB, look for our
lost dogs. When you find one, click it to enter the
contest. You'll be able to choose from a great list of
possible prizes.

The companies offering prizes are: Digi-Kit, FESTOOL,
Veneer Systems

Congratulations to our winners so far: Robert Greene,
Michael Roberts, Norman Crawford Jr., Dennis Miller, and
Maurice Gourley


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=> Hot Threads

The Cabinet & Millwork Installation Forum could use a
little aspirin in the form of advice. We're trying to
conquer a couple of real headaches here, and your help
cutting some difficult angles accurately might just ease
the pain.

This thread at the Cabinetmaking Forum takes place in a
wine cellar. If you can help figure out how to pull sheets
of veneer together to create a tight seam on a work
surface, it will be time to toast to the results...

Something - or someone - is to blame for the ugly stripes
that are appearing in this dye stain. Before this finisher
heaves his spray gun across the room in frustration, he
must ask the question: is it the operator... or the
equipment? Don't miss technical advisor Paul Snyder's
excellent responses in this thread:

For this moulding maker, hand sanding has really become a
pain in the... palm. His troubled tendons are protesting
against this repetitive work. Is there an automated
solution that won't worry his wrists, or wipe out the
moulding's profile?

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