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	The WOODWEB Update - #143

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=> Knowledge Base Highlights

With a busy schedule, it's tempting to leave the
measurement of needed trim quantities up to the builder...
but what happens when that estimate proves inaccurate?
There's got to be a an efficient method of measurement
that provides you with consistent and correct results.

A complete woodworking business startup kit that will send
you on the smooth road to financial success... Just a
joke, or something to take seriously?

Though the construction of an exterior door may be much
like that of an interior door, the material choice is
often different. Which species is best suited for to the
inside-outside compromise?

Just how do you expect your supplier to tally mouldings?
If you've got an understanding, then all is well... but if
you feel you're being shorted because of a questionable
policy, you may be interested in an industry standard that
governs these things...

The performance of this edgebander is spotty... Could a
few simple maintenance steps even things out?


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=> Hot Threads

Help is sought at the Architectural Woodworking Forum in
the complex construction of a curved corbel. Trouble has
arisen in the trimming...

Surely, putting a bead profile on a curved piece of wood
can be done, but technique aside... what is the right tool
for the job?

How to match these new maple cabinets to a customer's
existing set? It's all in the pickling.

Many puzzle pieces must fit together properly in this oval
walnut conference table. A center oval that will lift up
over the outer rim means precision is essential. Can
careful choice of materials ensure there will be minimal
movement as moisture content changes?


=> Finishing Forum Technical Advisor

Bob Niemeyer is a Technical Representative with over 23
years experience as a job estimator, lead finisher,
manager and trainer of personnel. Most recently, Bob has
been hired to teach wood finishing courses at Madison Area
Technical College (MATC). He also works for ICA-North
America as the North American Technical Support
representative. Bob currently also owns and operates a
furniture touch up business in the Madison, Wisconsin

Visit the Finishing Forum at:


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