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	The WOODWEB Update - #161

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In this issue:

=> WOODWEB's Knowledge Base Now Contains Over 3000
(Find wide range of wood industry topics)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> See Where Some of North America's Exotic Imports Come
(A Peruvian business at the Shop Gallery)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Onsrud Cutter Introduces New Line of Taper Tools
(Ideal for 3D decorative profiles, more)


=> WOODWEB's Knowledge Base Now Contains Over 3000

WOODWEB has arrived at another milestone in its growth -
our Knowledge Base now contains over 3000 articles. This
extensive (and free) online archive of articles is an
extremely well-used resource for the wood industry. Every
day, thousands of woodworkers search and browse through
our Knowledge Base articles.

Have questions about fisheye in your finish? Need advice
on making a big investment on a CNC machine? Want help
developing a business plan? Chances are, your area of
interest is covered in articles in the Knowledge Base.
Don't miss out on the tremendous amount of information
contained in this continually expanding online library of
woodworking articles. Visit the Knowledge Base today:


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=> Hot Threads

Can a point to point CNC machine be used for the same
tasks as a CNC router? This discussion focuses on the
flexibility of CNC equipment where various applications
are concerned.

Ever experienced that sinking feeling when you apply stain
to an almost-completed piece, only to watch circular
sanding scratches appear out of thin air? It's not magic -
just something amiss in your sanding schedule. Get rid of
those scratches for good at the Cabinetmaking Forum:

A couple of questions about constructing an arched
entryway has inspired a great discussion at the
Architectural Woodworking Forum. Visit this thread today
to contribute advice or view the step-by-step photos one
participant has posted of his bent lamination process.

This sawyer happily agreed to surface a 13' long redwood
timber for a client... before he remembered that the
timber is tapered. Now what? Ideas are rolling in at:


=> See Where Some of North America's Exotic Imports Come

Get a fascinating glimpse into the world of exotic lumber
production at WOODWEB's new Shop Gallery. This listing
comes from a business in Peru, and includes photos of
their finished product as well as a shop-made saw that
processes 1750 board feet of lumber a day.


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by
C.R. Onsrud, Inc.:

Manufacturer of CNC routers, inverted routers, and routing

Web highlights:
* Video Demos Online
* Machine Specifications
* 24 Hour Parts and Service
* User Testimonials



=> Knowledge Base Highlights

Maybe the thin cloud of dust in your workshop doesn't seem
like much of a health hazard... But consider the impact
those particles can have on your well-being over the
years. If your dust collection system is underpowered - or
worse, nonexistent - it's time to take some practical
measures... for your lungs.

When it comes to door stiles, do you cut the edge profile,
then the end, or do you cut the end profile followed by
the edge? Thoughts on the order of operations for making
door stiles are covered here.

A sawyer has uncovered a real treasure - literally.
Possible species IDs are thrown around for this 10,000
year old mystery wood.

When sending a countertop profile from AutoCAD to a CAM
program, how can a spline be converted into arcs?

Turning on your high-powered, central dust collection
system just to make one cut with the miter saw probably
seems like a huge waste of energy. This article discusses
dust sucking solutions for those small but frequently used
pieces of machinery.

Dealing with hole filler can be a frustrating event. This
epoxy filler telegraphs through the lacquer finish coat
that has been applied over it. Find out why:


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Accurate Technology:

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=> Onsrud Cutter Introduces New Line of Taper Tools

Onsrud Cutter, a leading supplier of CNC router tooling,
announces the introduction of a line of solid carbide
taper tools from 1/8" to 1/4" in cutting diameter with
cutting angles per side ranging from 1 degree to 7

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