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	The WOODWEB Update - #234

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In this issue:

=> Featured Project
(Quartered White Oak Cabinets)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Video Pick

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Industry News
(ICA Group unveils eco-friendly colorants for wood)

=> Featured Sawmill
(Bucks County Hardwoods)


=> Featured Project

Though you're sure to enjoy this listing's jewel - the
quartered white oak cabinetry - you'll also appreciate its
setting, a rather impressive - and expansive - new home:


=> Hot Threads

Games are being played at the CNC Forum... And the serious
endeavor of cabinet construction has been forsaken for 
something more fun. Check out this life-size chess set as
it marches off the machine...

A hairline crack has caused one heck of a huge problem for
this cabinetmaker. After two and a half years, the client 
is still calling, distressed by the blemishes in her
raised panel doors. What to do?

The finer points of efficient glue application and
applicators are under discussion at the Cabinetmaking
Forum. The first thread focuses on laminated lumber, while
the second applies to the coped end of door rails.

Efforts to shape door panels in one pass are less than
satisfactory for this door builder. Help him take the
wander out of his work at:


=> Video Pick

SketchList features videos demonstrating assembly,
spreadsheet, graphics and other commonly used computer 
techniques. Also included are automated functions. To view
the videos, click on the link below and scroll down to 
SketchList's video link:


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by
C.R. Onsrud, Inc.:

Manufacturer of CNC routers, inverted routers, and routing

Web highlights:
* Video Demos Online
* Machine Specifications
* 24 Hour Parts and Service
* User Testimonials



=> Knowledge Base Highlights

WOODWEB's Knowledge Base has hit another milestone - we've
passed the 7000 article point! Here are a few of the most 
recent additions...

Adhesion problems with deep, rich stains reveal the darker
side of finishing in this article... The discussion 
delves into successful staining, glazing, and toning

Is your dust collection ducting all tied up in knots?
Don't fret... Fix it! Here are some proven solutions (with
photos) for supporting the ducting for a CNC router, while
allowing the hose to move freely.

Figuring the fan capacity for a spray booth is tricky,
because you need to estimate the air speed across the
working space. These calculations could bring you closer to a clear understanding...

Are combination gang-rip/planer/moulder machines strictly
for the hobbyist? Here is a host of comments on how such a
machine can fit into the professional shop.

Solid wood door construction comes with its own set of
risks. Here is some detailed advice on "plank
construction" methods.


=> Industry News

The Italian group  a leading specialist in the
manufacture and marketing of special coatings for wood 
presents four innovative series of colorants for interior
furnishings that guarantee excellent aesthetic results and
are fully compatible with water-based coatings, thereby
enabling clients to carry out an entire coating cycle with
low levels of environmental impact. Learn more at:


=> Featured Sawmill

Bucks County Hardwoods offers custom sawing and kiln
drying, amongst other services, in Pennsylvania. Take a
look at their equipment and learn a little about their
operation at:

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