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Featured Project

The sad fact is that some eastern hemlocks are succumbing to
an insect called the wooly adelgid. But this project, a timber
frame for charity, uses a few of these lost trees for a good
cause. Don't miss the links to John's other timber frame projects.

Hot Threads

Is there a gremlin in your electrical panel? No, says this frustrated
machinery owner, but some suppliers may use supposed power
surges as a scapegoat for the faulty equipment they sold you.

A lack of adequate dust suction has been blamed for the poor
finish this planer is producing, but the machine's owner insists
he's got enough air. Help sleuth out the real cause of these
infuriating little wood-chip dents:

An innocent question about the duties of a shop manager promises
animated discussion at the Business Forum. Add your own ideas
about this position's responsibilities:

Everyone agrees: regular machinery maintenance is a must. But how
far do you go? There are many levels of upkeep, from simply applying a little
fresh grease, to replacing bearings preventively.

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Hal Collums Construction in New Orleans highlights their historic
preservation work on their website. Visit Hal's member profile to
learn more:

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Knowledge Base Highlights

Thinking of selling lumber out of state? This discussion about
shipping rates takes an interesting detour into sales psychology.

A roller hold-down system is a big help for machining stacks
of material. But can that capability be added to an existing

If you were Homer Simpson, you'd exclaim, "Doh!" You
sprayed your conversion varnish... without any catalyst.
Now what?

Miter-saw one, woodworker zero. Another's misfortune serves
as a (painful) reminder to stay safe around power tools. http://www.woodweb.com/knowledge_base/MiterSaw_Kickback_Injury_Story.html

New scratch-resistant melamine facings have created a localized
wear problem in tools used to cut the material. Do you need to change
your tooling, or your technique? Here are some thoughts.

When you offer both your own custom-made cabinetry and a less
expensive line of factory cabs, pricing and selling strategies become

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Web highlights:
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  • 24 Hour Parts and Service
  • User Testimonials

  • www.cronsrud.com

    Recent Additions to the Woodworkers Directory

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    Grizwood Studios

    Nave's Sawmill & Woodworks

    KMD Custom Woodworking, LLC

    Integrity Design+Build

    Video Pick

    Colonial Saw features videos of the Striebig Compact Panel Saw,
    the Striebig Evolution and Control machines, grinding machinery
    applications, Lamello glue systems, and more. To view the video,
    click on the link below and scroll down to Colonial Saw's video links:

    Featured Interview

    Furnituremaker Blaine Vonhagen built his own sliding table saw, and
    put it on display at the Project Gallery. Blaine was recently interviewed
    by WOODWEB's Brett Hagstrom:

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