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Shop Pet Poll

Got a shop dog? Or perhaps a pet python? Let us know about your shop
pet by voting in our current poll. After voting, you can add a picture of your
pet by posting a response to the thread. Current results will be displayed
immediately after voting. You may return and view results at any time by
clicking the "Vote Now and View Results" link.

Featured Project

This custom fireplace surround features quartered black walnut veneer,
and a truly one-of-a-kind design.

This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by
C.R. Onsrud, Inc.:

Manufacturer of CNC routers, inverted routers, and routing accessories

Web highlights:

  • Video Demos Online
  • Machine Specifications
  • 24 Hour Parts and Service
  • User Testimonials

Lumber Buying Guide

Updated pricing for distribution yard, kiln dried, hardwood lumber is now
available at:

Hot Threads

Lock miter clamping is a cumbersome process for this shop. Is the
difficulty in the tooling, or technique?

Help out in the design stage as this job for miter-patterned tabletops is
discussed. A construction plan with integrity is underway...

Purple walnut: what causes this increasingly more common coloration,
and if it's man-made... is it an abomination?

A question about attaching Shaker crown moulding raises even more
questions... First off, what is the stuff?

Recent Additions to the Woodworkers Directory

The following companies recently created free web pages at the
Woodworkers Directory. Create yours at:

Gathering Wood

Seeding Elm Woodwork LLC


Refurniture LLC

Web Marketing 101

Imagine if you had a machine that allowed you to buy customers or leads.
You put some money in, wait, and then a new signup or sale appears in
your inbox a few days later. This is the first in a three part series detailing
a great methodology for anyone using web advertising to get customers.

This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by

RouterCAD & ez-Router are offering a total solution for your shop:
Heavy Duty Industrial Router State of the Art CNC Software

Package includes:
1.) Our full suite of software: AutoCabinets, RouterCAM,
MDF DoorCAD, Dovetail DrawerCAD, CountertopCAD,
FaceFrameCAD, MillworkCAD
2.) Onsite integration, full week of training on software and
machine, tooling and ready to run g-code.

Starting at $750.00 per month. 100% financing available with
minimal or no down payment.

BOSS CNC Router by ez-Router
with AutoCabinets 2012/RouterCAM software
Total Cabinet Shop Solution!


Knowledge Base Highlights

See a complete list of the most recent additions to our Knowledge Base at:

Setting up a night shift at a busy shop can cause problems, but it can also
supply solutions. A good supervisor is key to success.

With help from the forum, a chatter mark problem with a jointer is traced
to a bad bearing.

Commercial contracts often require documentation and place a limit on
overhead, profit, and markup. This means you have to learn to appropriately
modify the way you present job costs and profit in your bids and invoices.

Here's some advice on custom-crafting wood grilles for heating supply
and return vent openings.

Here's an epic discussion about profit how much is typical in
cabinetmaking, and how to figure out if your business is making as much
as it should.

Got rust? Got it bad? Check out these ideas on getting it off your
machinery, from elbow grease to electrolysis.

Video Pick

Specialtytools.com features episodes of All About Tools Live. Topics
include sanders, routers, laminate tools, clamps, seam cutting and pulling,
abrasives and polishing, planers, particulates, solid surface corners, vacuum
molding and forming, and templates. To view the videos, click on the link
below and scroll down to Specialtytool's video link:

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