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In this issue:

Shop Built Equipment Forum Feature

Watch this video to see the quick reflexes that were built into a Tiger
Fence - it can now be adjusted with the flick of a switch.

New Panel Installation Hardware Listing

Looking for panel installation hardware? You'll find a variety of companies
supplying it in a new category at WOODWEB's Product Directory:

Featured Project

This mahogany home library project was two years in the making.
Read about the shop that did the millwork right here:

This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by
C.R. Onsrud, Inc.:

Manufacturer of CNC routers, inverted routers, and routing accessories

Web highlights:

  • Video Demos Online
  • Machine Specifications
  • 24 Hour Parts and Service
  • User Testimonials

Hot Threads

Hinge spacing for interior doors: how do you decide? Standards and
aesthetics are under discussion.

A raccoon, apparently, used this stack of white oak and walnut for a litter box.
Now... is there any way to get rid of the stink?

The Wood Doc hopes to set the record straight regarding quartersawn
lumber. What's the difference between quarter and rift? Educate yourself

A finisher with a blushing problem is feeling more frustrated than
embarrassed. With every finish he lays down ending up flawed, what
could be to blame?

Recent Additions to the Woodworkers Directory

The following companies recently created free web pages at the
Woodworkers Directory. Create yours at:

autumnhouse house of new england

Joiner of Fine Furniture

ABH Stair & Millwork Company

Montana Fine Furniture

Web Marketing 101

While I think there are times to use generic links, this article explains some
reasons to avoid them, if at all possible.
Stop Clicking Here! 7 Superior SEO Alternatives to Generic Links

This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by

RouterCAD and BOSS routers Pick your size!

4 X 8 Machine $39,950.00
5 X 8 Machine $42,950.00
5 X 10 Machine $44,950.00

Includes tooling package. Plus Shipping. Made in America.
Delivered within 4-6 weeks. Please call for details.


Knowledge Base Highlights

See a complete list of the most recent additions to our Knowledge Base at:

Here are competing theories on why finish has failed at the joints on a
cabinet door.

This long discussion on table top assembly, covering grain orientation,
clamping, and other quality issues, includes some entertaining and
informative pictures.

Most cabinetmakers agree that a shop with a CNC still needs a table
saw sometimes.

Cabinetmakers discuss ways to shave costs to make and install custom
cabinets in a competitive economy.

The owner of a Shoda router with a Fanuc control asks for advice on
making true square corners while maintaining fast operation of the

Here's a look at how online auctions work, plus some discussion on wise
bidding and buying strategies.

Featured Forum Technical Advisor

Paul Snyder started finishing and refinishing as a hobbyist in the 70s and
now manages the Finishing Department for a northern Virginia firm that
specializes in designing and building museum exhibits throughout the U.S.
He has written articles for Fine Woodworking and Wood magazines, though
he says he finds writing a struggle. Paul maintains the website finishwiz.com.
Visit the Finishing Forum at:

Video Pick

Veneer Systems Inc. features a case clamp demonstration showing an
operator control panel and unload/set upright control station. Also covered
are loading table, base air jets, recirculating ball screw, multi direction rollers
and photocell.
To view the video, click on the link below and scroll down to
Veneer Systems:

Shop Pet Poll

Have you added your furry friend to the tally in WOODWEB's first-ever
Shop Pet Poll?

After voting, we hope you'll add a picture of your pet here:

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