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In this issue:

Tooling Poll

Every shop invests in tooling...we're polling visitors to find
out what type of tooling they use, and what type of tooling
material they prefer. Help us gather the information by
voting in our latest poll. Current results for the poll will
be displayed immediately after voting, and you may
return and view results at any time by clicking the
"Vote Now and View Results" link.

Featured Shop

Rolf Hoppe's listing at our Shop Gallery has been
updated, and now includes an interview with Rolf:

Hot Threads

Missing a deadline is never good. This cabinetmaker is
cutting it close with a luxury house job. See if the advice
shared can keep him on track and get the job finished
before the deadline arrives.

Conversion varnish lifting on a soft maple door is the issue
at hand. There are no problems with poplar or maple ply
so follow along with other finisher's suggestions to see what
could be happening. There are no problems with poplar or
maple ply so follow along with other finisher's suggestions
to see what could be happening.

This poster is setting up to cut tenons on a shaper.
Groovers and tenon discs are the options. Which one will
perform better?

Thick solid wood edgebanding on a high-end off-white
closet is this poster's quandry. A gap occurs when the
roundover profile meets the square front of adjoining pieces.
Here's what cabinetmakers have to share.

Featured Project

This CNC Sculpted Panel Wall was recently posted at the
Project Gallery.

This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by

Biesse develops robust, affordable hot air edgebanding solution that
delivers the top quality of a laser bander without the expense.
Click here for additional information:

Recent Additions to the Woodworkers Directory

The following companies recently created free web pages at the
Woodworkers Directory. Create yours at:

JMP Wood Turning

B E Selby Const.

Convertible Sawmill Services

This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by
C.R. Onsrud, Inc.:

Manufacturer of CNC routers, inverted routers, and routing accessories

Web highlights:

  • Video Demos Online
  • Machine Specifications
  • 24 Hour Parts and Service
  • User Testimonials

Knowledge Base Highlights

See a complete list of the most recent additions to our Knowledge Base at:

This thread is loaded with good information about crafting
returns on the end of stair treads.

An in-depth discussion regarding the difficulties of
re-finishing a kitchen with cabinetry in place.

Design and construction details for frameless corner
cabinets are shared here, focusing mostly on the
operation and appearance of doors.

Interesting comments about the personal side of the
custom woodworking business.

A shop owner re-thinks everything from the ground up as
he ponders the dust-collection system for his planned
new shop.

Video Pick

QuickWood, Inc. features assorted sanding videos. To
view the videos, click on the link below and scroll down
to Laguna Tool's video link:

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