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Mobile Device and Apps Poll

Do you use a mobile device? If so, do you use any
woodworking apps? Let us know by participating in
our latest poll. Choose from the mobile device list
below, and choose any apps that you use. If the
app isn't listed, enter the name of the app you use
in the textbox. Current results for the poll will be
displayed immediately after voting, and you may
return and view results at any time by clicking the
"Vote Now and View Results" link.

Hot Threads

Finding workers in the labor market is tricky these days.

Problems with telegraphing of contact cement through face
laminate on large boardroom tables are plaguing this poster.

This finisher is having a problem achieving a clean look on
flat surfaces using wiping glaze. Follow the advice offered
to see if it clears up the problem.

This locust was felled roughly 6 months ago, and was
milled and brought indoors in the past 2 weeks. Dust
piles soon followed. See if this mystery can be solved,
with some advice from the Wood Doc.

Featured Project

This Art Nouveau Coffee Table was recently posted at the
Project Gallery:

Recent Additions to the Woodworkers Directory

The following companies recently created free web pages at the
Woodworkers Directory. Create yours at:

Walls Construction & Remodeling

Commercial Millwork Installations

Atlanta Closet & Storage Solutions

This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by KCD Software:

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Knowledge Base Highlights

See a complete list of the most recent additions to our Knowledge Base at:

CAD users brainstorm about design tools and workflow for
dreaming up one-of-a-kind works of art.

You get what you pay for when it comes to sprayguns -
here are some details.

Is it fisheye? Solvent pop? Water in the lines? A finisher
receives help with a finish defect.

Some modern three-phase machinery requires high-quality
power, which requires careful shopping when buying a phase

Video Pick

GUHDO features a product video.
To view the product video, click on the link below and scroll down
to the GUHDO video link:

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