Finisher (Need 2)

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Finisher (Need 2)
North Carolina
Salary: Commensurate with experience, excellent benefits, relocation, etc.

Key Responsibilities:

Manage day to day paint booth operations
Maintain an inventory of necessary materials and order as needed to keep paint shop operational
Have knowledge of best methods and practices for prepping and painting of various surfaces used in exhibit style fabrication
Paint shop maintenance
Good understanding of tools and materials used in a paint shop
Keep an orderly workspace
Willing to work overtime as needed

Essential Attributes:

Taking on additional responsibilities while maintaining punctuality and results
Bringing the highest level of attentiveness to all work
Exhibiting initiative and a willingness to take ownership of assignments and go the extra mile
Taking ownership of projects to complete them effectively and efficiently
Have a good temper and pleasant demeanor
Be a master of paradox
Be flexible, yet consistent
Set goals and be results-orientated
Set the direction, take initiative, be change-oriented, and be results orientated
Take the time to plan. Set short term as well as long term goals

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