Listing #475100 Listed on: 07/16
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Clifton, NJ
Name:Mike Stefanoski [Contact]
Company:Lukach Interiors, Inc.
1. Handling multiple projects in various sizes, from pre-construction to completion
2. Reading and clearly understanding architectural drawings and specifications
3. Knowledge in AWI Standards, cabinets and woodwork assembly
4. Communicating with GCs, sub-contractors, architects and vendors
5. Being comfortable to drive in Manhattan,
6. Site visits, on-site meetings, field measurements
7. Analyzing project scope, coordination with Production manager
8. Preparing project schedules with critical milestones
9. Collaborate with Engineering Dpt. Advise on details, considering site conditions
10. Monitor project progress and changes, prepare change orders, RFI’s, adjust schedule as needed
11. Monitor quality from fabrication to delivery
12. Ability to use technology, Microsoft Word, Excel
13. Availability to communicate occasionally after hours or weekend
14. Coordinate timelines and follow up to ensure goals are met or exceeded
15. Represent the Company in professional manner, maintain neat appearance
16. Problem solving skills and the ability to work independently
17. Critical Skill: Willingness to learn unknown skills, open to share knowledge with others
18. Salary based on experience and current knowledge of required skills

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