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Listing #475138 Listed on: 07/20
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Manchester, CT
Name:Russell Foerschner [Contact]
Company:Parkerville Wood Products, Inc.
Parkerville Wood Products is a manufacturer of premium millwork and is looking for a lead finisher. Experience in the wood finishing industry and having a background using multiple finishing systems and techniques is required.

Qualified candidates must be experienced with:
-Sanding and prepping millwork
-Mixing stains
-Touch ups and repairs
-Application of all finishes including paints
-The use and maintenance of various types of spray equipment
-Safe practices

Individual is expected to work as part of team, helping to coordinate the flow and efficiency of the finishing department.

Top compensation for qualified candidates. Other benefits including medical, paid vacation and holidays, retirement plan w/ employer match.

To inquire further about this position please contact: Russell Foerschner at r.foerschner@parkervillewp.com or (860) 649-9663

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