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Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Debary , FL
Name:William Andrews [Contact]
Company:Timeless Works
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Our small but well established, stable, and work secure custom cabinet and furniture shop is in need of an experienced woodworker and or cabinetmaker. Our shop at Timeless is a special one, and I think it's important to let prospective employees know what makes it special. It's a handful of things that I never found in one place at any of the places I worked for 20 years prior to taking a job at Timeless, and I believe these things make us a company worth contacting whether you're between shops and looking to get in, or already in a shop but aren't entirely happy with your situation. First, we DO NOT have mandatory over-time ever. In fact, we never have any of it at all. We take pride in being well planned out, and over-time is simply not in the company vocabulary. It's 40 hours a week, no more, no less, and I can say it's refreshing to be in a shop that values our time at home as much and more than our time in the shop. Second, we operate with great flexibility, starting from the owner, right down to our maintenance man. We strive to hire quality people, and we value their experience, knowledge, and ideas. There is no heavy handed company requirement forcing you to build things in a way you are not used to doing. You get your shop drawings and a quick but thorough synopsis of what the client is trying to achieve and the critical dimensions. After that you are in charge of how to build with the best balance of timeliness and quality. This too, in all my experience, is all too rare in shops, and I along with everyone that works here appreciates the freedom to be our best the best way we know how. Finally, and this to me is the best overall quality Timeless works possesses for the prospective employee is almost too simple. Everyone, bottom to top, is valuable, and we all get that sense both from the owner and our co-workers. No one, feels expendable, nor second rate. Respect and courtesy along with good natured ribbing is the language of our company. We do our best to have our shop be a place you actually like being most days. If I have your attention, then please read on for the final pieces of information, the typical things offered by every shop worth looking at. First off, and most importantly, pay scale. Our pay scale is determined by not only your years of experience, but also the quality of it. I can say confidently that if you're good at what you do we are in a position to offer pay that is at the top of shop scales across central Florida. We value or people, and we back it up with pay. Next, we offer Health and Dental, and the company does pay a portion of the premium, the percent of the premium is different depending on your policy chosen as well as the number of people covered on the policy. Additionally, we offer vacation after only 90 days of employment, which renews each calendar year. Last, but worthy of mention, we do fun things throughout the year like company sponsored fishing trips, cook outs, etc. We do what we can to keep monotony from creeping in because who wants to work in a boring place forever?
I look forward to speaking to anyone with quality experience in a professional shop setting, whether the shop was commercial, residential, or a mix of both. You are more than welcome to submit your resume here on woodweb, or email it directly to me at Additionally, I have no problem with someone reaching out directly by phone. I only ask that you text me, don't call! The shop is loud and always busy. Phone calls get missed, but text messages do not. I will reply to all legitimate text messages. If what we offer at Timeless sounds like a place you'd like to learn more about, then we want to learn more about you! And if this doesn't sound like something you want, but know someone who might, go ahead and forward this ad or my contact info, I'll talk to anyone that has in interest in adding to our awesome shop. Best of luck to everyone who made it this far and I hope to hear from you.

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