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Location:Denver , CO
Name:Rene Vazquez [Email Now]
Company:V&R Wood Finishing
More Info:Wood finisher
My name is Rene vazquez,
I have more than 25 years in wood finishing experience.
I am offering my services as of residential and comercial. I am completed with high quality results in wood finishing. I specialize in any Custom color match, any custom sample. Even, mixed stain, paint, Specialty glazes and opaque finish colors; I also do Finishing, refinishing , touch-ups, distressing and unique finishes, as Rustic water antique look, Contemporary Finishes, high gloss wet look (crystal-clear) Traditional Finishes. Iím producing any type of woodwork finishing you can dream. I rely on a simple philosophy: Prompt service, good communication and quality workmanship so i want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with my work and experience. Job Objective: Career-minded Custom Wood Finisher in search of position with company where my skills and abilities can be used to their fullest potential.

Highlights of Qualifications: Substantial experience in spray booth, Spray air assisted airless guns, HVLP air spray gun, HVLP Gravity guns, Pressures tanks. Professional Experience. woodwork prep, Sanding, staining, use chroma chem 844, 866, 824, S64, 896 colorants, universal dyes, alcohol dyes, oil stain, powder stain, water base stain, fuming wood, watco stain, bleaching. Products: Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, bona Traffic, ML Campbell, Becker Acroma, Sirca, Sayerlack polyurethane, Gemini coatings Monaco Rubio, Axalta coatings and more . Spray clear coating: Pre-Cat lacquer, sealer, High gloss polyurethanes, Conversion varnish, water base, spray toners, spray stain, paint, primer, breakaway glaze and more... I also have extensive experience in supervising standard or custom projects, i am a team leader and can efficiently run a crew that is willing to work and learn.
For more information call. 970-308-0878 Google: V & R Wood finishing
http://Woodfinisherdesign.com revas85@aol.com. Thanks

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