Commercial Engineering Draftsman

Listing #475205 Listed on: 07/29
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Salem, NH
Name:Rebecca Janco [Contact]
Company:Chamberlain Companies, Inc.
Seeking a draftsman proficient in AutoCad to develop shop and submittal drawings for commercial architectural millwork projects.

Basic functions include:
Accurately read and interpret Architectural drawings, specifications, and contract documents.
Create submittal drawings for the customer that align with intent, approved construction methods and budget.
Provide detailed shop drawings for use on the shop floor with a full understanding of how these will be used across all departments.

Comprehensive understanding of architectural millwork, commercial casework, construction methods, library creation, global variables, and tooling lists.
Cabinet Vision is helpful, but not required.
AutoCad and Microsoft
Detail oriented and works in an organized manner.
Ability to communicate effectively both written and oral.

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