Wood Finisher- Architectural woodwork

Listing #475211 Listed on: 08/01
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Northbrook, IL
Name:Mark Bernhard [Contact]
Company:Bernhard Woodwork Ltd.
More Info:Bernhard Woodwork Ltd.
Wood finisher- Sprays and brushes on finishes for wood and metal fixtures, panels and moldings using paints, lacquers, stains, and urethanes. Knowledge of mixing and application of products is required.

Wood finisher Candidate will have the following qualifications:
Must be able to work in a fast paced progressive atmosphere as a Team Player
English communication skills
Basic computer skills a plus
Knowledge of color mixing
Knowledge of touch up on multiple finishes
Knowledge of spray equipment and techniques

FULLY EMPLOYER PAID for FULL FAMILY union Benefits include: vacation, holidays, medical/dental coverage, disability, and Pension.

Position pays per union scale based on skill level.

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