Seeking an estimator for commercial architectural millwork.

Listing #475225 Listed on: 08/02
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Decatur, GA
Name:Tasha Douglas [Email Now]
Company:Dcourts Cabinets Inc
- Review bid packages, architectural plans and specifications to develop accurate scope of work.
- Prepare estimates using On-screen Take Off and Quick Bid programs.
- Communicate clearly and effectively with contractors, architects, suppliers and clients.
- Provide accurate bids in a timely fashion.
- Finding out all contractors that may be bidding projects and preparing estimates for all bidding contractors.
- Reviewing plans immediately in order to have any questions answered before starting estimates.
- Completing and submitting bids on time.
- Qualifying plans to ensure projects fall within our scope of work

- Must be detail oriented and highly organized.
- Effectively communicate via email, phone and in person.
- Able to work as a team player.
- Proficient in Microsoft Office as well as the Google Drive platform.
- Must be able to multitask and maintain organization across multiple projects.
- Able to work with tight deadlines.
- Once up to speed, must be able to be self-sufficient and motivated.
- Experience in estimating is preferred.
- Knowledge of the cabinetry, custom millwork and store fixture industry.
- Basic knowledge of construction.

Salary based on ability and experience.
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