Drafting, cnc programming or operation.

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Name:Anonymous [Contact]
I have 15+ years years experience in the woodworking industry mostly furniture manufacturing I started my career on the shop floor assembling the product. Moved to start manually cutting the parts then on to cnc operator and finally to both drafting and cnc programming. I used Autocad mostly but used mastercam for the programming.

Some of my other experience includes but not limited to renovation design work, windows, door’s, cabinetry both both residential and commercial,hospitality, fixture design, some millwork, to about any project that a customer would have.

I have software experience in MS office, windows, Linux, Autocad, Intellicad, Nanocad, Pro100, Alphacam, Mastercam, Cutrite,Cutlist plus to name some.

Not looking for remote work.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon

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