Cabinet Finisher / Painter

Listing #475492 Listed on: 09/06
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Name:Jason McFarland [Contact]
Company:Cornerstone Cabinetry
We are looking for a highly experienced custom cabinet finisher to join our team! We specialize in residential & commercial cabinetry, as well as an assortment of millwork. There is an opportunity to contribute to producing top-quality custom cabinets & join a family-owned & oriented business.


Apply primer, paints, sealers, & topcoats with proper mill thickness.
Understanding of spray equipment, guns, and pumps.
Experience in wood finishing
Ability to adjust spray equipment to regulate the width and pressure of spray.
Ability to disassemble, clean, & reassemble spray equipment correctly.


No less than 4 years of work-related skill, knowledge, and experience as a Painter/Sprayer.

Demonstrates skills in organization, planning, prioritization, & time management.
Ability to prioritize multiple tasks & complete them timely.

The ideal candidate personally invests in the job's success, is team-minded, takes personal responsibility for the quality of their work, & prides themselves on making quality products.

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