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Listing #475512 Listed on: 09/09
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Cary, NC
Name:Nate Sprankle [Email Now]
Company:Sprankle Custom Works LLC
More Info:Business Site
Asking Price: $55,000

I am the owner/operator Sprankle Custom Works LLC - a reputable, fully incorporated woodworking and metalworking furniture business located in the heart of Cary, NC with a focus on high-end, custom furniture. I am now offering my proven business and production processes to you. While I still love what I do, I have accomplished what I set out to do and have new goals. I now work a roughly 45 hour work week and make an average of $60/hr after all expenses are accounted for.

Proposed package includes:
-Roughly $45,000 worth of tools and material in a fully ready-to-go and highly organized shop located in the general center of my client base in Cary (27513). A full inventory with serial numbers, warranty information, receipts, etc. This value doesnít include sales tax Iíve paid or shipping/delivery charges. It does not include depreciation. Most tools were purchased brand new in the past 2 years.
-Proven pricing models with highly-efficient processes to ensure desired income goals are met through a repeatable, systems-based operation that almost anyone can learn and run on their own.
-A thorough set of spreadsheets covering quoting, revenue tracking and more, CAD models for common builds, an invoice template, ad listing templates and more.
-A set of more than 100 business guides with over 2,600 step-by-step slides based on thousands of hours of research and trial and error covering every aspect of the business including marketing and selling, accounting, quoting, designing, assembly, finishing, delivery and much more.
-Access to my original designs that are consistent top choices for clients.
-1 month or 160 hours of full-time training from myself, the owner-operator. Whichever comes first.
-Assistance with start-up activities. I will retain the Sprankle Custom Works LLC name but will assist in getting the ball rolling for a new brand.

Work for yourself doing something you are passionate about!

If youíre interested, please contact me via email or my cell with the following information:
-Why youíre interested
-Your building and/or entrepreneurial/business experience


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