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Listing #475520 Listed on: 09/10
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Norwood, NC
Name:Jim Yeatts [Email Now]
Company:Arrowood Designs
This is your chance to leave your current circumstances for the next phase of your life because we're offering Free Housing.

Arrowood Designs, a small Architectural Millwork Company. located in a beautiful rural setting and a short drive to the beach or the mountains, is looking for a top notch custom/specialty builder to build reception desks, nurse's stations, wall panels and other architectural millwork items.

We utilize Cabinetvision Screen to Machine, so all items are pre-engineered and cut when they get to the floor for production/assembly. We work a 4 1/2 day work week and haven't worked a weekend for years.

If you've thought about moving to a new area with a low cost of living, an excellent quality of life and well suited for retirement, this is your chance. We may be in the country, but we have easy access to Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro.

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