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Listing Type:Seeking Employment
Location:Kansas City, MO
Name:Mat Morgan [Contact]
I have 10 years of experience in commercial and residential finishing.

Train and supervise employees to ensure quality product is delivered each time
Review shop drawings, manage ordering standard supplies and other project specific materials
Material preparation by sanding, puttying, conditioning, bleaching, etc.
Adjusting woods to create uniform products by creating custom toners and shades
Wiping and spraying stains to match control samples, creating custom stains
Spraying a variety of products including latex paints, water based clear coats, pre-catalyzed lacquers, post-catalyzed conversion varnishes, post-catalyzed polyurethanes, etc.
Both train and maintain company standards when completing work on site or in the field

I have 1 year of project management experience in commercial millwork.

Review architectural and shop drawings for submittals and material take-offs
Procure all material for projects and build relationships with vendors while doing so
Conduct project site visits to confirm dimensions, conditions, and provide consults
Ensure open and clear communication with general contractors, architects, and customers
Coordination with shop on materials, deliveries, schedules, and workload
Identifying, problem solving, and collaborating as needed when issues arise
Manage intern assignments, reviewing their work, and coaching as needed
Member of a leadership team tasked with refining processes and implementing changes to enhance the company’s efficiency and productivity

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