Programming engineer/Drafting

Listing #475525 Listed on: 09/12
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Newington, CT
Name:Alexander Zavarella [Contact]
Company:Zavarella Woodworking Inc
Zavarella Woodworking is looking to fill a position for programming/drafting.

Job Duties:
-Draft, Review and revise shop drawings
-utilize cabinet vision, BlueCell and WoodWop software to create packages for production on the shop floor.
-Work with a team of drafters and other engineers to prioritize the schedule of projects.

Job offers:
-Competitive pay
-vacation time
-sick/PTO time
-healthcare plan
-401K plan
-private office

Please contact via email or phone call to discuss this opportunity. Job is open and can be started immediately.

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