Building Maintenance Tech for Wood Working Shop

Listing #476645 Listed on: 02/24
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Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Lawrence, PA
Name:Rebekah Patterson [Email Now]
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Maintains building, equipment, and property. Person performs tasks including general plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and mechanical functions. Building Maintenance must work in a timely manner and be quick to itemize tasks in level of importance.
Properly inspecting and maintaining shop equipment in accordance with OSHA regulations and following proper safety procedures.
Ability to troubleshoot and repair electrical and mechanical system breakdowns.
Ability to diagnose issues with machinery, electrical, and HVAC equipment.
Following preventative maintenance schedule to lessen risk of downtime related to repairs and maintenance.
Replaces light bulbs and repairs light fixtures as needed. Runs pipes, conduit, wiring, airlines, and hosing as needed. Ability to work on breakers.
Changes boiler and air conditioner (HVAC) filters, oil, and belts as needed/required.
Provides performance feedback to Plant Manager about the work performed.
Performs major and minor machine maintenance such as repairing tools, making/hanging air lines and electrical cords, changing filters, oils, blades, and any other repairs or monthly maintenance as required.
Performs light repairs and maintenance to the roof such as sealing holes and working on large roof fans.
Performs general plumbing repairs.
Keeps maintenance area adequately stocked with tools and supplies needed daily for repairs and maintenance.
Assist with company vehicle issues and snowplow and salt spreader issues, install, etc.
Performs other related duties as assigned.

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