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Listing #476664 Listed on: 02/27
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Charlotte, NC
Name:Lynn Holland [Contact]
Company:Zepsa Industries Inc.
NEW AD! We are a growing and expanding company and always looking for top talent. Come join our 100 plus employees, in Charlotte or New York area. We are a solid, stable and low turnover company. We welcome you to build a lifetime career with us.

Zepsa Stairs, Inc. is a high quality award winning AWI Shop with an 80,000 sq ft facility located in Charlotte NC. We produce premium and monumental grade estate level residential work, mega yacht and select commercial projects. We are the country’s premier monumental stair company. Current opportunity is for experienced people in a variety of stair shop positions.

Please email your resume to Ed Zepsa at Zepsa Architectural Woodwork (do not respond via Woodweb).
Ph: 704-583-9220

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