High End Quality Estimating with the DMC ERP System-Version 10.0 Free To Clients

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Company:DMC Millwork Consultation
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Platform is free for our clients. DMC has the best estimator in the country on staff, and provides complete pricing for materials and labor by departments. If you sign a contract to use DMC for estimating (even part-time), you receive the DMC Estimating and Project Management Platform for free. Version 10.0 has 36 reports and tabs, auto-populated and calculated as the estimate is created. Using a ratio system, the platform teaches as estimates are performed. You get this free with the estimate we provide to you.

Platform Highlights:
The Home Tab provides pricing by item, department, sub-departments, and breaks out each item with comparisons between all items. This tab also gives ratios comparing profitable projects in the past to the current estimate, and helps you see how to make adjustments to the estimate as you go through the project. The Home Tab has space for 200 main items (3,600 sub-items), 200 change orders (3,600 sub-changes), and 20 alternates (360 sub-alternates). Once project begins you input actual costs. All other reports are auto-populated. There are 36 total reports/tabs in version 10.0. Again, this is free when you sign a contract for estimating with DMC. More information will be available on our website, www.millworkconsultant.com. Contact us at 719-755-8897 or dmc@millworkconsultant.com. Matt will be happy to show you the estimate in a TEAMS or other meeting.

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