CabinetVison Drafter Custom Res. Cabinets

Listing #477141 Listed on: 05/09
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Name:Craig Mengel [Contact]
Job Description
Draw residential custom cabinet jobs, detail jobs, and create shop/CNC paper work
Positive, team oriented attitude
Ability to embrace change; change to our current procedures, and constant change going forward as we grow
Willingness to learn and abide by the LEAN Manufacturing principles

Eligibility Requirements
This position is expected to work 40-45 hour weeks most weeks but could occasionally be needed to work more to meet customer needs
All employees are required to spend 4-6 weeks training to better understand our process and our culture. This will include shop and office training.
Solid knowledge of Cabinet Vision Software

Job Salary
500K to 60K plus quarterly bonus


Benefits Offered
Performance based bonuses paid out quarterly, 10 days of Paid Tim Off annually, 8 paid Holiday annually, flexible schedule, working in an environment where every employee's voice is heard

For immediate consideration forward your resume to or call me at 417-214-5082 to discuss.

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