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Details - Offering Services
Listing Type:Offering Services (Full time)
Location:Jacksonville, FL
Phone:904 828 8709
Name:P M I, INC [Contact]
Company:Professional Millwork Installations Inc
P M I, INC company specializes in the development of shop drawings for the residential and commercial markets. Our clientele comprises woodworking shops, millwork companies as well as established construction companies.
We specialized in interior millwork drawings- custom kitchens, vanities, libraries, reception desks, interior built-ins.
Our current projects include close to 60% of commercial work.
Our experienced drafters are trained to meet your high standards. We use your own templates to generate the drawings.
We develop shop drawings for high-end commercial companies and residential markets.
Our ownership has more than 30 years of woodworking and millwork experience.
Our woodworking experience is then transferred into the shop drawings.
We exercise strong attention to every detail and specification.
Our commitment is to provide our customers with shop drawings that are accurate, well-organized, and easy to read at the right price.
We generate plans, elevations, sections, and details.
You as our most valued customer will receive the PDF on time.
Please feel free to contact us for all of your drawing needs.
Please feel free to request a sample.

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