Finish Department lead/sprayer commercial and architectural millwork and cabinetry

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Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Name:Craig Mengel [Contact]
Job Description:
We are a small shop with a full finishing spray booth. Our previous finisher has taken the current COVID 19 situation and has decided to move and change career paths.
Eligibility Requirements:
Inspect, sand and prep all surfaces for finish.
Must be familiar with multiple spray systems, such as airless, air assisted and basic cup guns.
Must be familiar with stains, paints, dyes, lacquers, polyurethanes, varnishes and various other systems.
As we are a custom shop, candidate is expected to research new means and methods based on customer requests
Must determine amounts, quantities and types of materials needed to complete projects and submit to procurement for purchasing.
Must be able to make sample boards for customer approval.
Expected to complete projects per spec and communicate with management about timelines and quality.
Always looking to improve means and methods.
The opportunity is unique, as the candidate will basically end up having their own little finish shop. It is segregated from the main shop floor by walls.

Job Salary:
$25/HR to $35/HR (pending experience)
Benefits Offered:
Medical, Dental, 401K, paid vacations, and holidays.
For immediate consideration forward your resume to or call me at 417-214-5082 to discuss.

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