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Name:Dave Creech [Contact]
Company:DMC Millwork Consultation
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Do you see production, engineering, estimating and project management inefficiencies, problems with employees, lack of use of technology, or all of these negatively impacting your net profit?

DMC strongly believes in TCI, Total Company Integration, as a means of working through every aspect of your company and arriving at solutions that will always save money and increase net profit, when properly implemented. Our diagnosis is very in-depth and probing. A non-disclosure letter is sent to you automatically protecting your company.

DMC performs an in-depth evaluation of your company. The purpose for this trip is to review the entire business and identify opportunities that would increase your net profit. Subject to your requirements and instructions, we consider every aspect of the business. This includes an airplane review of the sales, estimating, engineering, submittal, purchasing, cut-listing, machine programming efficiency, milling, finishing, assembly, staging, packing and loading, unloading (cartage), delivery, installation, and close-out. Time permitting, we will look at your current customer base, your association memberships, and your history. The schedule would be subject to factors and your needs as the client. Sometimes problems are identified that result in more time in one area than another. This is a week-long process.


Arrive Monday night - If time is available I will drive to your shop and introduce myself, check into the hotel.
If time is not available, I will introduce myself at opening time on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday - Initial discussions with client. Review the purpose of the visit and what is to be accomplished. Perform introductions to department heads, so that they are comfortable with my presence. Begin observations; all departments, no fixed time in any department. I will also begin interviews with personnel (a major function of my visit). Because of this, certain key individuals will need to have the time available for interviews. This should be without supervisors/owner presence. Any information gleaned from these interviews will be communicated to client. I prefer to interview alone; this allows people to be more honest and let their guard down.
All interviews are subject to the decision of the client. At the hotel, I will be cataloging and recording the day. This will be done every night while at your location, except when I am in meetings with you.

Wednesday - I will continue all observations, interviews, etc.

Thursday - Some interviewing and observations will continue.

Summary Meeting Thursday Late Afternoon into the Evening:
This meeting is held with client (owner and owner’s key personnel) during the late afternoon and into the evening. Subjects will include observations, discussions as to office efficiency, production efficiency, results of interviews with lower level employees, problems uncovered and solutions. All issues will be discussed. This would be a PowerPoint presentation, and would require a monitor with a cable (HDMI or VGA). Normally these meetings continue through the evening. A dinner meal can be brought in, or your choice, a restaurant where we can work while we discuss issues.

If I am unable to provide the report on Thursday night, this will be completed and transmitted to you within three business days of the visit to your location. Possible reasons for not holding the summary meeting may be the schedule of the owners, larger problems that may require more study, or basic logistics. However, I strongly recommend that we attempt to hold the summary meeting on Thursday afternoon, into evening.

Friday: Final visit if time permits and return to DMC office.

I would also be looking at the feasibility of providing future services for you, including sales, estimating, employee training, efficiency consulting, the implementation of TCI (Total Company Integration) system integration, project management, preparation of a companywide architectural millwork business plan (quite different from a standard company business plan), etc.

The fees for this are prepaid and invoiced at $6,550.00 which includes all expenses except lunches on Tuesday through Thursday. Continued training is on a fixed sum basis by the week at the above amount. Call DMC at 719-755-8897 (personal cell) or email

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