Finish Department Manager for Architectural Millwork and Cabinetry

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Listing Type:Offering Services (Full time)
Name:Craig Mengel [Contact]
Job Description:
Perform a wide variety of mixing, matching and applications of various finishes to wood products where color matching varies from, difficult to routine; assign, instruct and assist other finishers.
Eligibility Requirements:

Prepare and submit finished samples for approval. Develop colors, shades, gloss, etc, and determine type and amount of material required. Use most time efficient methods to achieve desired result.
Apply a wide variety of finishing materials such as stain, fillers, lacquer, varnish, etc., using various methods including wiping, spraying, brushing, etc. Use hand-held Air operated equipment such as spray guns, flat line finish machine, heavy and light sanders, rotary buffers, etc., to obtain desired final finish. Prepare and apply materials to repair damage from shipping, sanding errors, other defects. Mask parts as required.
On occasion, assign, train, and retrain, instruct, assist and monitor work of assistant finishers to ensure quality and efficiency of output.
Coordinate with purchasing to order material required and maintain inventory of commonly used finishes. See that all finishing materials are properly identified and stored according to safety regulations and laws.
See that the finishing area and equipment are maintained in a clean and orderly condition and that all safety rules, regulations and practices are observed and followed. Keep and maintain various required production records, logs or other data.
Perform other similar duties as assigned or instructed by supervisor.
The description above represents the most significant duties of this position but does not exclude other occasional work assignments not mentioned; the inclusion of which would be in conformity with the factor degrees assigned.

Job Salary:
$35/Hr to $45/HR (pending experience)

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