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Listing #477228 Listed on: 05/24
Details - Offering Employment
Listing Type:Offering Employment (Full time)
Location:Pendleton, SC
Name:Cory Lundeen [Email Now]
Company:Trusted Tradesmen & Co
More Info:Link
Trusted Tradesmen & Co seeks a candidate with Custom Cabinetry finishing experience. The individual hired will be tasked with prepping, sanding, taping, painting, staining, and glazing cabinetry as the project demands.
A successful candidate will be hardworking, reliable, and have good communication and organizational skills. The Cabinetry Finisher will receive direction from the Cabinetry Manager and will be expected to maintain a safe, clean and efficient work environment to produce a defect free product. Experience using a variety of sprayers, chemicals, tips and methods is required. Five years’ experience finishing custom, high-end cabinetry is required.

• Physically able to lift and carry cabinet parts and wear a respirator
• A great attitude, attention to detail, professionalism, and communication are all critical to being part of our team
• Strong organizational skills to plan a days/weeks workflow
• Knowledge and experience with basic woodworking tools
• Willingness to learn the TT&Co method of cabinet making
• Experience adapting to various environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, contaminants, etc..
• Experience and knowledge with a wide variety of cabinet finishes such as primers, polys, paints, stains, dyes, varnishes, lacquers, etc…
• Experience with color blending, color matching and touch-up
• Calibrate and troubleshoot spray equipment
• Be able to accurately estimate the finishing time and materials needed for specific jobs.
• Manage time and space to complete multiple jobs simultaneously.
• Willing to assist teammates at the shop in whatever capacity needed
Compensation: $24+++/ hour, DOE & training needed

Trusted Tradesmen Culture:
· Business guided by 3 core values:
o Jesus Christ, Trust & Generous giving
· Consistent 40 hour work schedule:
· Monday – Thursday, occasional overtime on Fridays
· Competitive pay
· High employee retention
· Paid Vacation
· Company Provided Gear & Apparel
· Commitment to professional development of all employees

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