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Can anyone tell me what specie(s) of wood this is??

Listing #5236   Listed on: 08/24/2021

Company Name: Basic Wood

Contact Name:   stan merritt

This is an old wardrobe I got from my grandmother. It had a tag inside saying it was manufactured in 1956. This had multiple coats of paint when I got it. About 30 years ago I stripped it down, removed the door panels as they were in bad shape and replaced them with glass. Then stained it and applied clear coat. I have always wondered what type of wood it's built from. Any ideas??

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wardrobe 2

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wardrobe 1

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Posted By: Dave Sochar     [08/24/2021]
Gum. Not used much today, but was the primary wood for Southern produced mid-level furniture that stained or painted.

Posted By: Stanley Merritt     [08/25/2021]
Thanks Dave!!!

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