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Mastercam - CNC Software

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AXYZ International
    Assorted Woodworking Videos
  An array of woodworking application videos completed on an AXYZ CNC Router.
Accu-Router, Inc.
    CNC Router Videos
  Assorted videos related to CNC 3 and 5 Axis Routers for Wood, Composites, Plastics, and Aluminum.
Air Handling Systems
    Dust Collection Videos
  Videos including Air Handling System’s ductwork for dust collection systems.
    Assorted ArtCAM videos
  Assorted videos including ArtCAM Pro and ArtCAM Insignia.
Baker Products
    Assorted Baker Products Videos
  Videos including edgers, notchers, planers, re-saw’s, sawmills, and more.
Better Vacuum Cups
    Better Vacuum Cups Demo
  Better Vacuum Cups video of routing into cups multiple times and using repeatedly.
Charles G.G. Schmidt Co.
    Larry’s Clamp board flattening and panel gluing video
  Video showing a Larry’s Clamp in action.
Colonial Saw
    Striebig Compact Panel Saw Video
  Video describing the Striebig Compact Panel Saw. The link to the video is located at the bottom of the page.
    Striebig Evolution and Control Panel Saw Video
  Video describing the Striebig Evolution and Control machines. The link to the video is located at the bottom of the page.
    Grinding Machinery Application Video Clips
  Videos demonstrating Colonial Saw’s grinders and cutter machines.
    Lamello Manual and Pneumatic Glue Systems Video Clips
  Glue systems videos including biscuit jointing, special power tools, and wood repair.
Denray Machine
    Dust Booth 85120
  New and improved Dust Booth 85120 demo
    Denray Cartridge Filter Cleaner
  Newer product - Denray Cartridge Filter Cleaner
    Denray Machine 3648SD
  Perfect model for small shops and situations where sitting is preferred
    Denray Machine 3696 Demo
  Denray tube style table demo
    Denray Machine Backdraft Unit
  Check out Denray's new and improved backdraft unit
    Denray Machine Products Information
  Introduction to Denray Machine
    Denray's 3444B new vs. old comparison
  Design differences between original and newer style 3444B/3444B Super
Fuji Spray
    Fuji Systems Mini-Mite 3X Model
  Video including features such as a powerful 3-stage Turbine Motor, Metal Turbine Case and Non-Bleed Spraygun with Stainless Steel Components.
    GUHDO product video
  Video introducing GUHDO’s products and services.
    Mark/C Thru-Feed Hot Press with Scanner
  Auto feeding and panel indexing system.
    Matrix 3-D Thermofoil Press
  Thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors.
    SP/1-A Thru-Feed Case Clamp
  Automatic through-feed case clamp.
    XL Line with Panel and Face Indexing
  Hot press line for panel and face indexing.
    Trans-Former for Flat and Membrane Pressing
  Thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors.
    V-8 Hot Press Line
  Hot press line with automation.
    PM/DE Hydraulic Cold Press
  Automatic line-to-laminate two-plies engineered flooring.
Laguna Tools
    Woodworking and CNC Videos
  Videos presenting woodworking and CNC machinery products, instructional machine operations, customer stories and more.
QuickWood, Inc.
    Denibbing Sander With Brush Abrasives
  QuickWood denibbing sanders are very reliable sander. The final sanding is used to remove fibers and to sand the doors evenly so the stain color comes out even and sharp edges are broken.
    Hand Power Tool with 4" Sanding Head
  The medium size QuickWood hand power tool with a 4" sanding head is used for final sanding of doors and moldings to break sharp edges and remove lose fibers on doors. Sanding the door and profile is very important for a consistent stain color.
    Molding Sander
  The QuickWood molding sander is easy to use with a final sanding between 12-60 feet per min. All speeds on the machine, spindle and rollers are variable via frequency drive.
    Detail Sander
  The QuickWood detail sander is used when pre-sanding before stain and sealer.
    Two Hand Power Tool with 8" Sanding Head
  The QuickWood two hand power tool is used for large surfaces on tabletops or entry way doors. The 8" sanding area gives this tool great coverage and makes the job much faster. The flexible brushes and abrasives on the QuickWood power tools gives it the ability to flex to the profile being sanded.
    Spur Knife Change
  Video showing spur knife change with a T20 Torx wrench.
    Slow Motion Capture of Zuani Cutter Head
  Video showing slow motion capture of a Zuani cutter head wood shaping.
Speed Sander
    Speedsander by Timesavers demo
  Video of the Speedsander widebelt sander in action.
Star Hanger
    Star Hanger System Installation Video
  Installation of a horizontally grained cherry wainscot project in a hospital conference room. Video details the three step installation procedures used with the Star Hanger.
TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company
    TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company 100% Yield Video
  Video detailing TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company’s 100% Yield.
    Radius Cabinet Doors
  Video detailing the process and equipment used to make radius cabinet doors at TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company.
Techno CNC Routers
    Techno CNC Systems Router Videos
  Assorted Techno CNC Systems router videos including custom fabrication and foam cutting.
Thorvie International
    Thorvie International AV-40 Professional Grinder
  Thorvie International AV-40 professional grinder demo.
Timesavers Inc.
    Portable Widebelt "SpeedSander" by Timesavers" for Wood Shops in 25, 37 and 43".
  Features combination drum and platen sanding head for dimensioning and finishing work. Timesavers are equipped with abrasive belt oscillation, electronic tracking, easy belt changing, load meter, digital readout and casters for portability.
Veneer Systems Inc.
    Hofer Koptronik Case Clamp Video
  Case Clamp demonstration showing an operator control panel and unload/set upright control station. Also covered are loading table, base air jets, recirculating ball screw, multi direction rollers and photocell.

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